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Improving Connections Between Nerves and Muscles

Most people have heard about multiple sclerosis (MS), but don’t know much about this autoimmune disease. It’s a debilitating and progressive condition that affects the brain and spinal cord. Normally, nerves are encased in a thin and protective insulating coating called myelin. Multiple sclerosis causes the immune system to ‘turn on itself’ and eat away…

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The 43 Muscles in the Face

Did you know the face has 43 muscles? These are tiny muscles that control facial expressions like smiling, smirking and frowning. In fact, there is a condition called Bell’s palsy that affects facial muscles, as a direct result of nerve damage. The dysfunction affects a primary cranial nerve that controls facial muscles, resulting in temporary…

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Physioball AROM Pelvic exercises

Low Back Pain? This is an active range of motion exercise (AROM). Try all the variations in this video and try to keep all the movements coming from your core! Don’t have a physioball? Come by our clinic to get one!

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