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Balancing Activities

Jul26th 2017

How well you keep our balance now, in midlife, can protect you from what lies ahead. One in three adults, over the age of 65, take a serious fall each year. Avoiding falls, means a longer life! One of the best ways to prevent a fall is to work on your balance. Watch these tips

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Avoid Neck And Backpain

Jul20th 2017

The simple act of getting in and out of bed can cause major stress on your neck and back! Kristen, one of our DPTs at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy Boise, has some tips for you! If you are suffering from back or neck pain, register for one of our upcoming FREE workshops. Visit

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3 Things That Cause Back Pain That You Didn’t Know Until Now!

Jul18th 2017

Quick question: How many of you have googled ‘preventing back pain?’ Yes, I thought so. We’ve all heard and read about what can cause back pain; incorrect lifting, bad posture, sports injury… but did you know that you may be making a common mistake in your daily routine, that might be encouraging back pain? What

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