Can PT help migraines?

Steve, one of our Physical Therapists at Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy in Boise, answers a FAQ regarding headaches and migraines…LISTEN UP! Physical Therapy for neck pain and headaches. This is the place for your rehabilitation therapy.

Stiff joints and knee pain

Are your joints starting to feel stiff lately? Do they ache more than usual? Have you noticed any clicks and cracks coming from your knees? Or have you considered physical therapy for arthritis? If you’re struggling to put your finger on it and you’re not sure why...

Sit At A Desk All Day? Watch This Tip!

Do you sit at a desk for long periods of time? If so, beware! Long periods of sitting day in and day out can seriously impact your body, so if you are one of those people who work at a desk all day- watch this tip! Devyn, one of our Physical Therapists at Idaho Spine...

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