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How to improve your posture

Dec27th 2017

Tim, one of our PTAs at Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy in Boise, demonstrates how to integrate principles of good body mechanics into your everyday activities to lower your risk of preventable injury.

5 Ways To Have A Healthy And Happy Winter

Dec27th 2017

It’s almost Winter in Idaho, and you might really hate it! It can be ‘too cold’, ‘too dark’, you can feel a bit low and blue, stressed out and worn down, and with the colder weather for some people, can come a few health concerns and challenges during the winter months including back pain, stiffness,

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Can PT help migraines?

Dec20th 2017

Steve, one of our Physical Therapists at Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy in Boise, answers a FAQ regarding headaches and migraines…LISTEN UP! Physical Therapy for neck pain and headaches. This is the place for your rehabilitation therapy.