Meet Our Administration Team

CEO/Founder: Bret Adams, PT, MPT, ATC, CSCS

Hometown: Boise, Idaho

Degrees: Masters of Physical Therapy (Idaho State University) and Bachelors of Exercise Science (Brigham Young University)

Why Physical Therapy?: Bret has always been intrigued by the miraculous human body and how it functions. When looking at possible careers, he knew that he wanted to be a physical therapist directly involved in helping people. Having the chance to experience physical therapy as a patient due to a knee injury and a back injury, Bret discovered the perfect profession to fit his interests. Bret loves to see people improve their lives. He started Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy in 2002.

Bret and his team are always advancing their knowledge in the profession to keep up on the latest research and techniques that provide the best results. He respects every patient and communicates the benefits of health and wellness so clear that patients understand and recover successfully.

Specialties: Bret has a wide range of certifications including McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy, Athletic Training, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and is an ASTYM Provider. As a physical therapist for more than 20 years, he is an expert in back pain and neck pain.

Hobbies: Bret loves spending time with his 3 children. You can also find him doing anything and everything in the great outdoors from biking, hiking, rafting, snowmobiling, and golfing. Bret also never misses an episode of American Idol!

Sydney “Syd” Adams, Patient Relations

Hometown:  Sandy, Utah

Degrees: Masters of Business Administration (Boise State University) and Bachelors of Social Science and Public Affiars (Boise State University)

Why Physical Therapy?:  Syd loves being a part of patient and business experiences.  She listens to patients’ feedback and cares deeply for the patient to have a Five-Star Experience every time they walk through the door.  “Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy is highly sought after because they are unique in their specialty clinics and highly focuses on the patient experience; more than just the pain.  There is no other clinic like them in town.” 

Hobbies:  Syd loves going to comedy shows at Liquid Laughs downtown.  She enjoys reading, yoga and taking her dog for walks.  Sydney speaks Farsi!

Stephen Kappes, Billing Manager

 Hometown: Dryden, MI

 Degrees: Bachelor’s in Mathematics

 Why Physical Therapy?: Stephen has always been fascinated by Physical Therapy as a non-invasive method to heal the body. He realized his interest in math could help patients behind the scenes, so the patient can focus on healing and not need to worry about insurance and finances.

 Specialties:  Billing, coding

 Hobbies: Stephen enjoys exploring new places with his family, mountain biking and hiking, playing board games, and reading.


Lauren Moore, Patient Success Coordinator, Supervisor

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Degrees: Bachelor’s in Education

Why Physical Therapy?:  After having numerous sports related injuries and surgeries, Lauren grew fascinated by the human body and the mechanics of it all.  After recovering from her injuries with the help of Physical Therapy, she decided to become a Personal Trainer with a focus in corrective exercise.  Lauren understands the importance of improving body mechanics, and is committed to providing patients with the Five Star Experience they can expect to receive at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy.

Specialties:  Certified Personal Trainer

Hobbies: Lauren loves painting, hiking, cooking, and spending time with her husband and family.


Stephany Calles, Billing Specialist

Hometown: Lake Forest, CA

Degrees: Certified Professional Coder

Why Physical Therapy?:  She loves learning about body mechanics and how it relates to healing after surgery. She is committed to helping patients understand their insurance benefits so they get the treatment they need.

Specialties:  Billing, Coding

Hobbies: Reading, Cooking

Jordan, Anderegg, Patient Specialist

Hometown: Boise, ID

Why Physical Therapy? Jordan loves to be able to help with patient needs in any way shape or form. She loves to be the first person to greet in coming patients and loves to make the experience as best as possible for anyone no matter the need. She is always there to help in anyway shape or form and will try to find the best solution to any problem.

Hobbies: Jordan loves to be in the mountains no matter if it’s camping, kayaking, or floating down a river. She also loves to play with her dog Samson who also loves being in the water just as much as she does!

Cheryl Wonder, Patient Success Coordinator

Hometown: Cambridge, ID

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology  (Boise State University) and Certified 500RYT Yoga Instructor

 Why Physical Therapy? : Having injuries that were stopping me from practicing yoga was an eye opener. Physical Therapy has helped me strengthen and heal those injuries to get back on my mat. Knowing how physical therapy has worked for me, I love being part of a team that helps heal other people.

 Hobbies: Yoga (practicing and teaching), reading anything from horror stories to Zen Buddhism, gardening, being outdoors, and hanging out with my family and two chihuahuas.


Cassie Williamson, Scribe Extraordinaire 

Hometown:  Lewiston, Idaho

Degree:  Bachelor’s of Science in Anthropology and Pre-Medical Studies (Boise State University)

Why Physical Therapy? :  Cassie has always had an interest in medicine and helping people to improve their health. As a Pre-medical student she hopes to pursue a career in trauma surgery, and her desire to help people has influenced her studies in Anthropology.

Hobbies:  Cassie enjoys painting, reading, going to the gym, cooking, baking, playing any type of game, and spending time with friends and family.


Eric Ma, Scribe Extraordinaire

Hometown: Xinhui China

Degree:  Bachelor of Science in Human physiology (University of Oregon)

Why Physical Therapy?:  Ever since high school, Eric has been obsessed with the human body, especially the muscular system. Throughout college in his human anatomy cadaver lab, his favorite subject was the muscles and how varied they all are.  During college he fell in love with exercising and through exercise, he also injured his back several times.  After participating in physical therapy and then shadowing physical therapist, Eric fell in love with subject because of how satisfying it was to see a patient reach their goals and regain their functional levels to get their life back.

Hobbies: Playing and watching sports, exercising, spending time with family and friends, hiking, swimming, jet skiing, traveling and playing games.




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