The ankle is the most common site of sprains in the human body. An ankle sprain can happen to anybody at a time when you least expect it. Normally, it occurs after a sudden unnatural twisting of the foot which can tear the ligaments of the ankle. An ankle injury affects every aspect of your daily life, most notably your ability to walk and drive.

The symptoms and sign of ankle sprains may vary depending on the severity. There might be tenderness, bruising, swelling and stiffness. Walking can be painful if the ankle sprain is serious.

A mild ankle sprain may not require a doctor’s attention but if any of the following happen after you twisted your ankle, consult your doctor.

  • Uncontrollable pain even after taking  medications
  • You are unable to walk or cannot walk without severe pain.
  • The ankle is swollen beyond normal and is not improving within 5-7 days.

Ankle sprain can be prevented by:

  • Wearing shoes that give the proper support for the ankle.
  • Maintain the strength and flexibility of the ankles. Consult a physical therapist for strengthening exercises

If you are struggling with ankle pain and wish to return to your daily activities as quickly as possible, give us a call. 

Client Testimonials

"When I first came to ISSPT I was spraining my ankle every other month. The staff has the know how and the enthusiasm to help me improve my stability and confidence. I would recommend ISSPT to anyone who needs help. They are extremely friendly and professional."

- Kerrick Ryan


"When I came to ISSPT my ankle was nearly frozen in place.  They set up a wonderful set of exercises for me to do at home as well as working with me twice a week.  Now I can walk without any pain.  The swelling is gone and I am much stronger in that ankle.  Alex and Todd always listened to my concerns and were very encouraging.  I was here before after a neck injury and knew this was where I wanted to do any therapy.  I have sent 3 others here and they were also impressed!"

- Roxanne Coate


"My left ankle pain had at last reached the point where I sought help from my primary care physician.  He, in turn, referred me to a foot and ankle specialist who recommended a course of physical therapy before considering surgery.  I chose Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy largely because of its proximity to my home.  This turned out to be an inspired choice.  Working most often with Megan, after an initial assessment from Brian, I was able to increase the strength and flexibility of my ankle to such an extent that I have become nearly pain-free and am no longer hobbled in my daily activities.  Surgery now appears, even for this sixty-seven year old, either unnecessary or in the distant future.  I could not be more pleased with the progress I have made nor with the staff at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy.

-Kenneth E. Johnson


"Before coming to Physical Therapy I couldn't run.  Bent my ankle when I walked in a corner and I felt that my ankle was stiff and not strong.  After physical therapy, I feel much better.  When I walk, I stop to think about my ankle.  I started to run short distances and I am happy that I made this decision to do physical therapy.  I would recommend Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy because they will work hard to make you happy, even if it cost them a lot of physical activities with their hands.  Thanks."

-Eduard Laptev
"I've totally recovered back to my old self. The people here are awesome; really helpful. I've really strived over the past month--Big improvement! A little TLC goes a long way! Thanks."
-James Victory
"Before coming to therapy here, I had fallen and fractured my left ankle.  I wasn't able to work very well.  It is amazing how much I have improved since coming here.  I still need more.  I enjoy my time here.  The staff are all wonderful.  I thank all of you very much."
-Jean McDaniel
"During a trip to Malheur Wildlife Refuge in early May, I injured my left ankle, breaking the fibula. After six weeks in a boot, I was given the option the of trying rehab ion my own or PT. I'm very glad I decided to come to Idaho S & S PT. Jeff, Aimee, and the rest of the staff have been very helpful. My ankle strength and mobility has improved tenfold and I now have the tools to continue my rehab at home."
-Jackie Page
"I came here with painful tendonitis. I always felt unsure about running and jumping. Physical therapy put my mind at ease, I could feel myself getting better and my confidence grew while playing sports. I would recommend Idaho Spine & Sports because I always felt welcome and they did a great job with my tendonitis."
-Connor Desaulniers
"I've appreciated so much the kind and encouraging care given. Exercises were clearly explained, along with the anatomic reasons for them. Everyone seemed intuitive and understanding to the pace I was comfortable with, while gently pushing me past my comfort zone. Thank you for everything!"
-Debby Leavell
"I have continually rolled my ankle over the last year. About 6 months ago, it was so painful that any sudden movement caused severe pain and limping was my new normal. Idaho Spine and Sports Therapy changed all of that. I could walk normally shortly after my sessions started and now I am running, swimming, and back to ALL workouts and activities without a second thought. I am back to a pain free life and am so happy. I would recommend Idaho Spine and Sports Therapy to anyone needing help with an injury. They're all extremely fun to work with and great at their profession."
-Emily Erwin
"Before coming to physical therapy, I had a very weak ankle that had been sprained many times before. Whenever I would step on any uneven surface, or if I cut wrong in basketball, my ankle would give out on me. After therapy, I am confident in any activities that my ankle will be strong and allow me to make quick movements. I would recommend Idaho Spine and Sports to anyone for their friendly staff and for the results that you get from their therapy."
-Stephen Haugland 
"I was in very bad pain and had problems walking. Therapy has enabled me to be able to play all of my favorite sports, and be able to walk with no restrictions. I would recommend Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy because they are very professional, and do help with your injury."
-Gavin Parsons