Back Pain

Back Pain

Read about the Most Frequently Asked Questions We Get About Back Pain

What can I do or what should I not do at home as far as exercise?

  • We make it easy for the patient by stating that we want them to move and be active outside of therapy.  If you are doing an activity that increases your pain/symptoms you shouldn’t be performing that activity yet.  If your symptoms are more severe we will see what they are able to do in clinic and what reduces their symptoms and give them that specific movement to do at home?

Should I get an MRI?

  • Based on your symptoms, you may not need an MRI.  We will have a very good idea on what’s going on in the spine based on your symptoms and how their symptoms behave because we see all types of back pain ALL the time.  An MRI will not dictate or change how we treat that patient because you will be treated based on your symptom presentation and how you respond to treatment. It is very likely that the MRI will show normal degeneration of the discs and vertebrae, which is common.

How is Physical Therapy going to help me?

  • We use a combination of specific lumbar and core musculature exercises to improve the strength of the primary stabilizers of the spine, which will help prevent further injury to the spine. We will perform specific hands on techniques to improve the mobility of the spine as well as to decrease any muscle tightness/guarding.

Why is my back hurting?

  • This is a loaded question because it depends on many factors.  There are a lot of pain generators in the low back that can cause pain.  Your pain can come from the vertebrae, facet joints, nerves, and surrounding tissues in the area.  We will assess you to determine the potential pain generator.

Will my back pain always be a problem for me now that I have it?

  • Back pain is a very common issue affecting about 80-90% of all people at some point in their lives. The fact that you have back pain is not a rare. Now that you have had an episode of back pain you are slightly more likely to have a re-occurrence. The important thing is to complete the physical therapy to address the back pain and that in itself will likely decrease your chance of re-occurrence.  If you continue with the exercises and stretches after therapy is over that will decrease your likelihood of the back pain returning. So, yes you are at risk for another episode of back pain, but that doesn’t mean you will always have issues and should be able to live a normal active life.

What are the consequences of not getting help?

  • If you don’t address the back pain the symptoms could continue to worsen leading to more limitations in being able to perform normal daily activities, work duties, and it could turn into a chronic issue.

What type of patients do you see for back pain?

  • We see all types of patients for back pain. Anywhere from young teenagers to older adults in their 90s.

How do you treat back pain?

    • Back pain patients first schedule an evaluation which involves a thorough physical assessment which leads us to the type of treatment that is needed.  Often, there are specific exercises and stretches for the back as well as hands on techniques to improve lumbar mobility and to address any tissue dysfunction that may be present.

Considering Back Surgery?

Physical therapy also benefits patients who are thinking about having back surgery. By participating in physical therapy before surgery, patients' recovery time can be greatly reduced. Preparing for surgery with strengthening exercises and stretching enables patients to be in optimal condition for healing when they go into surgery. 

All patients considering treatment before surgery should first consult with their physician to rule out any contraindications for physical therapy. Unless a contraindication exists or a patient requires immediate surgery, physical therapy is often advised before and after surgery. 

Special Equipment at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy

REPEX - Repetitive Motion Therapy Table

The REPEX table is used to treat many types of back pain. The table can be adjusted for length, angle, and treatment time to optimize benefit for the patient. Candidates for the REPEX table include but are not limited to patients who have:

  • Degenerative Discs
  • Herniated or bulging Discs
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Facet Syndrome
  • Sacroiliac Syndromes

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Patient Testimonials

" I had lower back pain caused by standing for too long during pharmacy shadowing. After a couple of weeks of Physical Therapy I noticed great improvement not only in pain but also my overall strength. I would recommend this place because the staff are really friendly, helpful and knowledgeable."

- Omar Aljuboori


" Idaho Spine & Sports PT is the best of the best! Jeff Taylor and his staff are professional, competent, and personable. Between the hands on therapy and my specific exercise plan designed to get me back to normal, it became obvious that I was in knowledgeable hands. I went from having limited mobility and with every tiny step I tried to take on my own to improve my physical strength, it created more pain and resulted in setbacks. I just could not seem to make any real forward progress. When I found ISSPT, I needed a clear path to mobility and elimination of chronic back pain and that is exactly what I got. I could not be happier about my results and the care I received. WIthout the straightforward help, I know I would still be in pain and struggling. I only regret not going to ISSPT sooner. My sessions were always productive, prompt, and always on time from start to stop. Beyond the expertise demonstrated, I especially appreciated the friendly atmosphere that the entire ISSPT staff helped to create. I found myself referring to them as "my new best friends" because they were always encouraging and friendly. I always felt at ease, comfortable in their care, and looked forward to their smiling faces. Now I am pain free and have the tools to continue to keep my back strong. I enthusiastically and highly recommend this clinic for your physical therapy needs! Thank you ISSPT staff!"

- Dena Pengilly


" I came in for neck and back pain after a car accident. I do have arthritis in my neck and have tried PT several times in the past that has never given me much relief. You here are amazing! Within weeks I had more relief from pain and stiffness than I had in years. Your group knows their stuff, they get in, find the problem, and fix it! They listen, share their stories and make you feel like part of a family here. I will miss you all. I have already referred my son and recommended you to others! Thank you for helping me with my pain and giving me movement back."

- Renee Donat


"I had major back pain. My lower back was always hurting to the point I didn't enjoy leaving the house. Once I started coming to Idaho Spine & Sports I noticed a change in the way I walked, sat and how my body felt after the first visit. I am so thankful for Kristen & Jackie. I absolutely love them! They have definitely changed my life for the better!"

- Allison Robertson


"Kristen and Jackie have done a great job getting my back into a position where I can function normally again. When I first came in I could barely get dressed in the morning. Now I can do just about as much as I could do before with almost NO PAIN. Thank you both so much!"

- Mitchell Frasure


" When I first came in my back was really weak causing day to day life to be difficult. I had a fun time getting to know the great staff and most of the time they made the work feel more like fun. I now feel NO PAIN and I can enjoy the things I love to do. This staff is AWESOME!"

- Jason Lee


"My back was in some really bad pain and it was hard to do many daily activities that involved my back moving or supporting weight.  I am now stronger than before I was injured and my back feels great!  I have had no pain and am able to do all my favorite activities like running, skiing and biking.  The people here are awesome and really care about the patients.  They let you know what is going on right away and are very knowledgeable.  The treatment feels great and it is nice to talk with the therapists.  This is an awesome physical therapy place!"

-Jeff Mickelson


"Before coming to PT, I was very weak and falling often.  I was also having severe back pain.  Alex helped tremendously with my pain and also helped with my breathing.  My leg strength has improved quite a bit and I am having a lot less falls.  I would recommend ISSPT to others because they are innovative and very helpful!"

-Hannah Davis


"I took a vacation and was doing a lot of walking up and down stairs and about 5 days after I returned home, my back was hurting and having spasms.  My doctor sent me to physical therapy.  About a month into therapy my back was feeling a lot better.  Then I fell on the ice flat on my back on the right side and pulled my muscles.  I had xrays and no broken bones or cracks.  The rest of my therapy was to strengthen the muscles I had pulled.  I will continue exercising at home and I also go to Curves to exercise.  The therapists have given me a lot of exercising, coaching, and direction for me to continue to strengthen my back.  They are very helpful!"

-Joyce Winn


"My back pain was severe.  After many sessions of physical therapy my pain was much less.  Jeff really helped me improve my mobility.  I would recommend Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy if you wish to return to your normal physical ability."

-Leslie Harned


"My back had 3 bulging discs in L4-L6, S1.  I could barely walk with a walker for 2 weeks, and then only with a cane when I started PT.  This PT has me walking and doing my normal activities again and I get to resume my bowling.  This is my 3rd episode using ISSPT.  First was for herniated disc in my neck.  My doctor gave me a 5% chance of PT working without surgery.  It worked and I still do my exercises today so it doesn't reoccur.  Second was for bursitis in my left leg.  I have been so happy with all that I have worked with here in all 3 series. They all were able to get me better even with the challenge of my MD  I won't hesitate to come back if need be."

-Carolyn Jean Smith


"Came in practically in tears because of back pain.  Couldn't find a comfortable position standing, sitting, or lying down.  Brian got the "back in working order" and I feel great!  He has been great to work with and he shows care and concern for the well-being of his patients.  I definitely would recommend ISSPT because of their knowledge and care.  As well as their friendliness.  Great people!"

-Karin Jameson


"When I first came in I could only walk with a walker.  It was impossible to move without lower back pain.  Each day I did therapy it got better each time.  I now can do almost everything that I could do before I had the blood infection.  I can bend, walk, lift, and do my job with no pain.  Therapy has allowed me to get back to my normal life and continue to do most of the activities that I enjoy doing.  The staff here are great!  They all did a great job getting me back to almost 100%.  Thanks again!"

-Rich Segali


"Before Therapy my back hurt constantly and I was almost always in pain.  After coming to physical Therapy I feel so much better.  I rarely ever have any pain anymore.  I was really nervous to come to therapy, but the people/employees here are so nice and helpful.  They really help you reach your goals and are so kind."

-Lizzy Hansen


"I had continued nagging back pain.  I no longer have pain since going to Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy.  I used to have to heat and ice my back at least 3 times a day and I no longer need to since going to PT.  I would recommend ISSPT to others because of my positive experience and results.  The staff is very kind and helpful!"

-Lori Ellesmere-Jones


"My therapy at ISSPT was incredibly helpful and I now have much better mobility and strength in my back than I had in many years!  The staff here is both very skilled and accommodating and worked with me to find a therapy plan that met my needs.  This is the 2nd time I have gone through physical therapy here and if or when I every need it again, I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else!  By the way, Todd and Alex rock!

-Andrea D. Leeds


"Thank you all. I feel 20 years younger and am mostly pain free. Very active and loving it."  

- Colleen Abel


"About 7 weeks ago, I woke up with pain in my lower back. I was having back spasms, and could barely straighten up. A friend told me about Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy and my doctor thought they could help me. After the first week, the pain and spasms were better. After the second week I started playing golf again. I am now in my sixth and probably final week of therapy. I still have some stiffness in the morning, but I am now pain free. It may not work for everyone, but it certainly did for me. Thank you Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy."  

- Bruce Lange


"My experience in physical therapy with the staff at Idaho Spine and Sports was very positive. Besides being professional, the staff is friendly, they listen to you and I felt like they were committed to my improving and gaining strength. I was there for 6 months post lumbar surgery and definitely feel stronger with much less pain! I highly recommend them! Special thanks to Jeff and Aimee who ended up with me the most! You guys are great!"   

- Judy Bauman


"When I came in to PT, I couldn't stand up straight without extreme lower back pain. Bending and lifting were impossible. Slowly after the past month and a half, my strength increased, my pain is nearly gone and I have returned to full activity. Thank you to all the staff for being awesome! Thanks especially to Eric, Todd & Michelle."  

- Melissa McOmber


"When I came in I could hardly walk, I couldn't stand up straight or sit. They helped me right away. I don't have any more pain and haven't felt this good for a long time."  

- Tammy Tucker


"I came in with a bulging disc issue and all the pain that comes with that. I could not sleep and walking any distance was an issue. I had been to two other physical therapy clinics with no results. I thought surgery might be my only option. Then a friend recommended Idaho Spine and Sports. My family doctor agreed that trying another PT might be good. So glad I came to Idaho Spine and Sports. I feel great--no more pain at night or anytime. Their procedures (more hands on, not just exercises) was wonderful and I could feel the progress every week. Thank you so much!"  

- Ann Dallas


"Before coming I had severe lower back pain. The muscles were spasm and I could hardly move. Now, after my last treatment, I have no lower back pain. I feel great. I would recommend ISSPT to others because they helped me. Yet even more--the people are fantastic! They are warm and friendly. The front desk personnel are fabulous--joking and kidding with me. The back staff are all very knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. I will really miss coming!"  

- Carla Keilty


"I was injured in a car accident.  My back, shoulder, and hips were effected.  I train Muay Thai Kick Boxing and MMA Fighters.  I had a lot of residual pain that sometimes made it difficult to work them out as well as myself.  On top of my day job, I didn't feel so good for a while.  After going to physical therapy for sometime, my mobility and range of motion started getting better and better.  I still have some pain in my hip, but after learning a few good stretches at physical therapy, it goes away pretty quickly.  I'm now going to the gym regularly and still training fighters, getting back into normal routines.  The staff at Idaho Spine and Sports are very professional and friendly.  I would recommend Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy."   

- Greg Atrian


"I came to therapy after back surgery.  Therapy has helped with back spasms by 50%.  This is even better than before my surgery.  My balance is better and I am walking much better."  

- Sonia Spangler


"I could barely walk, bend, lay down, sit or anything. I was in bad shape. I realize with the effort, I could get back to my previous health, and patience is important; doing the exercises makes a big difference. I would recommend ISSPT because they succeeded in making me better. I find the people are friendly and view me as a person and not just a number."  

- Louise Finkel


"I came to ISSPT due to moderate lower back pain. After an assessment by the staff, I began a series of exercises and procedures including massage, heat therapy, electric stimulation and machine exercises. Various staff members including Jeff, Todd, Zach, Kevin, and Erica put me through my weekly routine in an expert and professional manner. They continually motivated my progress and ensured I was not over stressing myself. After 20 visits, I was pronounced "healthy". No more back pain!"  

- Richard Pacheco


"When I first walked through the door at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy, I was in miserable shape.  While on a trip to Europe, my lower back was injured (slipped disc; L5, S1) and I was in excruciating pain.  So much so that the remainder of the trip was canceled and I returned home to seek treatment immediately.  Treatment at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy began the very day after my doctor gave me the referral.  Jeff advised me that he was confident we could make progress.  Through the dedication of Jeff and Eric, progress was made and today I am pain free and surgery was avoided.  Employees at this facility have been warm and encouraging, they provide a relaxed atmosphere and work as a team.  My only prepared for Western Music on Wednesdays with Aimee!"  

- Jim Hunter


"A huge thank you to staff. I first started physical therapy when it was becoming difficult to stand, sit, roll over or any kind of activity for more than 30 minutes due to the immense pain. Since I started PT I no longer hurt first thing in the mornings.I look forward to coming to PT and doing all those dreadful exercises because I know when I leave, I'm going to feel like taking on the world. I have excitement when asked to go do things; not the dreading around in my head that this is going to hurt and I don't want to. As far as recommendations, how can I not when my life has been such a huge improvement. Thanks, guys. Keep up the good work."  

- Anita Seybold


"I came for a hand injury and mentioned I have had herniated disks in my back for years. My hand is much better and my back is going great. The friendly staff here makes it a fun place to come. I will recommend you to everyone I meet. Will miss you all. Thank you!"  

- Shirley Shaw


"You guys are awesome! Love the energy--when I first came here I thought I wouldn't like the open environment...But that changed within the first 15 minutes. Everyone is happy and you can feel the energy. Thanks, and happy day!"  

- Kathleen Ream


"Before coming to physical therapy, I was miserable.  My back hurt constantly.  Every time I sat down or stood up too long, lifted heavy things, ran, etc.; not fun!  After I started coming to physical therapy, I began noticing major improvements, slowly but surely.  They worked me back into shape with not a lot of pain.  Not only was I getting back into shape, but I was getting stronger than I was before!  I would recommend coming here because it is overall a great environment, very friendly people to work with and whatever they're doing is always helping!"  

- Brooklyn Porter


"My condition was not good at all. I had been rear-ended while sitting at a stoplight. My neck and lower back was effected the most. I got in to my doctor, heard about Spine and Sports Physical Therapy and was referred by my doctor. The therapy has made a big difference physically and mentally. The staff is outstanding and patient and caring! I would highly recommend the Idaho Spine and Sports!"  

- Diane Ellis


"I have been coming to Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy for a few months now.  Prior to coming here, I had gone to physical therapy at another local therapist.  They were great people, but my time there (5 months) was not nearly as productive as my few months here. I have bulged discs and fractured plates on my vertebras.  I have found the muscle manipulation and deep massage and stretching prior to the strengthening work has really been the cause for my significant decrease in pain and discomfort.  I would very much recommend  Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy."  

- Michael Morin


"I came with painful and debilitating muscle spasms at L4-L5. Was considering cancelling a long-planned trip to Israel. With four weeks to departure, I came 2x/week for therapy. By the time to leave, the pain was gone. No problems during the long flight over, vigorous program of sight seeing, walking, climbing, and standing. With single exercises at night, I was able to enjoy the entire trip without pain or problem. The focused therapy program not only solved the problem with my back pain, but probably also helped build up strength and endurance. I would recommend the facility because you have a focused program for the spine."  

- Lucy Rice


"My lower back pain is greatly reduced. My back is also much stronger so I can lift more without pain. When my granddaughter jumps into my arms I don't cringe! The therapy has been delivered with professionalism, courtesy and good humor."  

- Jim Colby


"My lower back spine failed on May 1st trying to lift way too much weight. I thought it was getting better, but driving while on vacation soon aggravated the pain beyond being tolerable. Walking and lying down to sleep was extremely painful in my right leg. A visit to my family doctor started the typical pain pills and muscle relaxants. After very little relief, and several weeks later, the physical therapy process needed to start! I found ISSPT online and it's location is very close to my home. I was able to walk to the location, very slowly at first! The exact treatments started based on what I could tell them, such as where the pain was, how I could move and what I couldn't do. After several sessions, life started getting better but confirmation of the accident damage was needed. So getting an MRI confirmed the exact analysis several of the therapists had assumed. Their examination summary, after meeting with me once, was right on target! Several more weeks of therapy and minor changes in treatment, started to make my life more tolerable. Still had challenges, but felt my life was returning somewhat to normal. The pain in the leg was decreasing and I was finally getting some exercise and sleep. I did continue to experience subtle changes in the effects of the spine injury, none surprising and all explained by my doctors. Several doctors and trainers initiated and supported my therapy, all very caring and knowledgeable about my condition. They continually explained what was happening with my injury. They made me feel as a responsible part of my therapy, letting me push myself with their encouragement. Following their exact recommendations, we soon started making a positive impact and I was on the road to recovery. Having multiple doctors and trainers made for a very positive experience, I would recommend ISSPT to all. The very professional environment and confidence of their work, treatment, and time estimates all contributed to my success and confidence. Special thanks to Jeff Taylor and Josh Bucher. My trust in doctors has increased because of their work. Their knowledgeable efforts and friendliness was very much appreciated!"  

- Clifford Olson


"When I first started therapy I could not bend my back without having sharp pain. Through the process, my sharp pain was reduced quickly, however the pain from sore muscles replaced it. I think I was discouraged by this because I would feel worse after therapy. But I know it was strengthening my back and by the end of my 6 weeks, I have no pain at all. It has improved my sleep and thus my entire day is improved."  

- Paul Way


"I was asked to write a success story for Spine and Sports Physical Therapy. I have not completed my work at therapy yet, but have achieved a better feeling of movement and less pain than when I started. I have several problems the therapist have addressed. First, I broke my lower back 45 years ago and have been having more problems with balance and discomfort. I was also in a balloon accident two years ago, which twisted my torso. And lastly, I had abdominal surgery four months ago. The physical therapist had quite a few things to correct, they have worked on my core, my stretching, and strength of my muscles. All the while they have been courteous, patient and very knowledgeable. I found the employees to project fun atmosphere during my work time at the office, making the time and exercises go by much easier and faster. The office staff have been helpful in scheduling my appointments and they have greeted me with smiles when I have had my appointments. All in all, I can say that my experience and results obtained from Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy have been successful."  

- Jan English


"Before attending physical therapy, I suffered a lower back injury from a snowboarding accident. I had very limiting mobility in my lower back accompanied by severe pain! After going through about a month of physical therapy, I currently have no pain, and all of my mobility in my lower back has returned. I would highly recommend Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy because of the one on one work you receive from all of the physical therapists. Thank you Josh, Eric, Jeff, Zach, Todd, Erica, and Steffani and all of the other staff members for all of your support and care for fixing my back!"  

- Bryce Cole


"When I started PT I could hardly walk, get in and out of the car and had little sleep at night. Little by little, I started to see a change. I started hurting less, was able to get around more, and now I am my old self. Don't misunderstand me, it didn't happen overnight. Through PT and doing therapy at home like the therapist showed me to do, I am so much better. Each and every therapist and trainee I worked with truly helped me. I would recommend Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy because I feel they can truly help you have a better quality of life. Thank you all so very much."  

- Sue Poole


"Before I started physical therapy, I could barely even walk without my back starting to hurt. Physical therapy vastly improved my condition. Since I have started physical therapy, I have been able to return to my daily activities pain free and have seen a great improvement on my back. I would definitely recommend anyone to Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy because, while it helped me greatly, it was also a warm environment that I looked forward to going to."  

- Skyler Kjellander


"Very happy with my experience with Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy. Each one of the staff members explained what they were doing which made me very comfortable."  

- Brent Wilde


"When I came to Physical Therapy, I had abdominal pain in my left side. Idaho Spine & Sports recognized my pain as referred pain from a disk problem with accompanying muscle spasm in my back. Physical therapy has subdued the pain and caused it to move to my back, closer to the source. I would and have recommended Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy. They are kind, friendly, and understanding."  

- Brynn Shaw


"I was in the hospital, drugged, for two days. I came to Idaho Spine & Sports for evaluation and therapy, I am pain free after ten visits. Spine & Sports are the most thorough and effective treatment I have ever had for my low back pain."  

- Ken Trefaller


"When I started coming, I had limited range of motion and back and leg pain. Since therapy, I no longer need pain killers and most leg pain is gone. My leg and back are much more flexible. The best effect of therapy is that I am now stronger and able to enjoy life more. Thank you!"  

- Barbara J. Tunstall


"Before physical therapy I had constant, non-step pain in my lower back. Everyone here was very friendly and helpful. After a while, my back stopped hurting while I was resting, and eventually the intensity of the pain started to decrease. It was awesome working with everyone and they all made it a wonderful experience."  

- Morgan Robinson


'I was in a lot of pain in my hip and back when I started and they were able to rehab me to where I don't have that pain. It isn't easy since I have muscular dystrophy but with their patience and slow pace, it worked This is my second time using ISSPT and I would recommend them to anyone. I have referred some friends and they were happy too."  

- Carolyn Smith


"My experience here at Idaho Spine and Sports was great.  I noticed  great increase in my back mobility. I also have been able to manage my pain by doing the exercises I was given to help me with my flexibility."  

- Logan Johnson


'" When I first came to Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy, i was in intense lower back pain. I collapsed and couldn't move. Being a single mom of two babied I needed to be able to move. After the first week of therapy I started to feel a difference in pain. the staff is so friendly and caring. Each person took the time to listen to my needs and concerns. They truly care about you and they want to see you succeed in your recovery. I highly recommend this office. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and most important they CARE. Thank you all for your help in gaining my control and freedom back."  

- Samaria Ford


" I always considered myself a "Physical Therapy Drop Out". My post experiences put me in more pain than where I started. I can for the first time in my life say I LOVE my therapy sessions! The care that I received goes beyond words. It is not limited to just me. I watch the therapist and trainers and each and everyone go above and beyond. When Ashley received me she was in for a challenge, (I complain a tad) let me tell you she met and rose above the challenge. I am indebted to her, and... Brittany is amazing under the watchful eye of her mentor, Ashley. This team of your young lads are truly excellent at their jobs. P.S.. the ladies at the front desk are also super nice! Thank you, I can finally break my Physical Therapy dropout streak."  

- Joanna Abbondandolo


"When I began therapy in December for a herniated disc, I was in extreme pain and had a weak leg. I was unable to work and could not even drive my car because it is a standard shift. For the past three months, I have gotten therapy at Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy and now am thrilled to say I feel 100% better. Throughout my therapy, the staff was always gentle and careful with me. They began slowly making sure I was always comfortable. If I didn't feel good about doing something, I could ask not to but usually they encouraged me in a way that made trying almost fun. I did work hard, doing my exercises at home and with the therapists. After about a month, I was seeing improvement. The pain had lessened and I had more strength in my legs. I am now well with no pain and have discontinued my therapy but I must say that without Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy, I would still be in pain and unable to get up with my legs."  

- Pamela Latham


"When I started my physical therapy treatment, I was in a lot of pain in my upper left arm and did not have good range of motion, I also was experiencing moderate to severe lower back pain. The rehab team assisted me throughout my sessions in gaining strength and function and reducing the severity of my pain. The therapy helped me my range of movement considerably in my arm and I no longer have lower back pain. The recommended home exercises have also helped me. The physical therapists are knowledgeable, professional, and personable and I also appreciate the very friendly staff at the front desk. I would not hesitate to recommend this amazing therapy team to anyone and I actually have a friend who has also received therapy from ISSPT within the last year. Thank you for your incredible care of me."  

- Dee Rodean


"I had back pain when standing and walking for any period of time. Now I don't feel any limitations in what I do. I have already recommended ISSPT to a number of people."  

- Barbara Kuchenriter


" I came in needing physical therapy and ended up needing back surgery for a cyst removed in the spine. Three months later, I returned as post recovery to strengthen core muscles to stabilize the spine. Treatment included exercises, stretches, manual care, and answering lots of questions. At home, I am to routinely exercise and stretch. Things I have learned and my condition are quite valuable to my well-being. Thank you! If I have any changes in the future, I will not hesitate to return to Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy."

- Erin Olsen


"My therapy here was incredibly helpful and I now have much better mobility and strength in my back than I have had in many years. The staff here is both very skilled and accommodating. They worked with me to find a therapy plan that met my needs. This is the second time I've gone through physical therapy here, and if/when I ever need it again I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else! By the way, Todd and Alex rock!"

- Andrea Leeds


"Coming into Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy, I was in such severe pain I could not handle simple touch to the back of my head and neck. I have been through several prominent PT's in the area and all of them gave up on helping me. This is crushing and hard to recover from. Ashley promised from day one that she would not give up on me, and she held true to her promise. Prior to my TBI, I was an extremely active person and I just want to return to that. The first time I put my head up to a cervical machine I instantly started crying in pain. A month later, I tried it again and I almost threw up when I pushed back on it. About 6 weeks later, I was able to start using it and am currently at 10 lbs. That is a HUGE success since I have had no improvement with other PT's in my last 2 and a half years! The team also has helped direct me to get my eyes checked to see why I am so dizzy. This has pushed me to get evaluated and my next step is eye therapy. The most significant improvement I have experienced in my person life is the ability to get up, get dressed in the morning in 45 minutes like I used to. I don't need 2-3 breaks! Ashley, Kevin and Megan have been amazing supporters! Also thanks to Alex and Todd. I would highly recommend to anyone."

- Monica Davis


" You folks fixed my back! Thank you very much. Spine and Sports PT is a great place to rehab.

- Charles Roth