First Visit

First Visit

Your First Visit – What To Expect in Physical Therapy

Your first visit to your physical therapist clinic in Boise or Meridian will include a detailed initial evaluation. This evaluation will help the therapist to identify your problems using special testing procedures.

Once your physical therapist has evaluated your condition, they will be able to design a plan of care that specifically meets your needs. If you have certain concerns or goals, make them known at this time so your therapist understands what you are expecting from your visits. As a part of the program design, expect a treatment timeline with realistic goals. This timeline may be changed as you progress, depending on how well your body responds to treatment.  Our Physical Therapists are specialized in your area of concerns.  Our different locations and split up to specifically treat your neck and shoulder or back and hips.

Along with regular visits to your therapist's clinic, you will most likely receive a home exercise plan (HEP) in which you will be given specific exercises to do at home in between your regular office visits. This will help facilitate faster recovery, so stick with the program at home!

Always speak openly with your therapist if you have any concerns or limitations. As your physical therapists, we will work with you closely and help you recover as quickly as possible. We strive for a Five-Star Experience at ever visit. We hope to get the opportunity to work with you!

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Check out this quick FAQ video on what a Consulation aka Discovery Visit is. By the end of a Discovery Visit, you will find out what's wrong and be able to make a better, confident decision about your health and steps to take next.

What happens after a Discovery Visit?