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“After two surgeries within a span of 5 months I felt I couldn’t sit, walk, or stand normally. I felt an incredible improvement after a couple of weeks at physical therapy. I feel very thankful for the whole team at Idaho Spine & Sports. Everyone is so kind and dedicated to all their patients. I can now return to work knowing I will continue to get better!”

– Christina Almeida


“Before I started physical therapy I was barely able to walk, sit or stand without pain. Now I have no pain under any circumstances. The at home exercises have given me more mobility and helped me get back to my favorite physical activities. The staff is friendly and personable. I really appreciate their genuine concern.”

– Jonathan Lamb


“Thank you for all of the support and help throughout my recovery process. I felt like everyone involved was personally invested in my recovery and made me feel very comfortable throughout my time here. Thanks so much!”

– Neil Fuller


“I had back and neck pain everyday. It hurt to do the lifts I wanted to do and I didn’t know what to change. I have learned so much from ISSPT- new info and exercises as well as lifestyle changes to improve my condition. I would recommend ISSPT to others because the PTs are awesome, friendly and helpful and it was really easy to schedule appointments.”

– Koven Wollrab


“I came in for the second time for back and leg pain from spine injury. Everyone was very helpful and professional. They pushed me to increase the difficulty of my exercises as I felt comfortable. I have had good improvement, and the exercises for me to do at home were well demonstrated to help me in the future, now that i’m leaving therapy.”

– Dominic Doyle


” I was snow skiing and hit something under the snow, which shot pain up through my heel and then ended up having pain in the top of my foot. I also love to trail run long distances so I came here to get my foot back in action to where I could run again. With the help of a few different therapist. They have worked hard with me to get me and the pain in my foot back to where I was before the injury. I would like to say that I am now being able to start running again! I want to thank everyone for getting me back to where I want to be!”

– Brad Hatch


” My knee was to a point where walking and standing up were extremely painful. My hamstring was at a point that did not allow me to even sit comfortably, exercise was barely an option. I am now 90% pain free and am able to exercise like I could before.  The staff is excellent- from the front desk staff, to the trainers and therapists. They are all extremely knowledgeable and genuine about providing the best care.”

– David Cassel


” I came here with back pain and I am leaving a 100 times better than before. The staff is kind and are willing to work with your schedule.”

– David Billslopez


” My condition before PT was very debilitating. I could not walk well and future problemes were likely. Physical Therapy  gave me confidence that I could recover and it physically improved my condition. I would recommend Idaho Spine & Sports PT because of their competence and knowledge.”

– Kasey Crawford


“Before I started physical therapy I had steroid treatments for a painful nerve pinch involving my left shoulder. My upper arm on the outside from the shoulder to the elbow had a pain that made motion difficult and sleeping impossible. The steroids stopped the pain, but there was no guarantee  it wouldn’t come back. My physician recommended Spine and Sports physical therapy as a solution. After testing for range of motion and measurement of muscle tension, I was put on twice weekly one hour sessions. Within three weeks the pain in my arm had disappeared. I was able to resume my normal activities and given home exercises that began to improve my range of motion and free up vertebrae that was causing the problem. I would heartily recommend the staff at Spine and Sport Physical Training. The various Doctors of Physical training and the associate trainers were very solicitous of how I felt and freely discussed the reasons for the treatments and exercises I was undergoing. Following their advice and receiving their treatments have restored my ability to resume my normal life.  A special acknowledgement to the receptionist Amanda, whose bright greeting and cheerful demeanor made arriving for the sessions a treat. In conclusion, if you have a physical problem, do not be afraid to put yourself in the hands of these dedicated professionals. Thanks one and all for being part of my rehabilitation team.”

-Charles “Nick” Alexander


” I came in beacuse my right leg would get real stiff when sitting in the car. Since starting therapy I have been able to complete a 10 hour drive with very little pain in my right leg. I would recommend therapy here because of the knowledge of the staff and the great help they have been for both this issue and for my knee replacement therapy.”

– Ron Crummett


” I came to PT this time for recent back surgery, more recent knee surgery and chronic hip pain. The team methodically addressed each area with the knowledge and experience. I was impressed with the knowledge and ability. This is not the first time I have been to Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy and if ever necessary, I will be here again because I trust the team and always feel like I have progressed in a very positive way!”

– Judy Bauman


” Before coming to ISSPT, I was not able to dance for longer than 15 minutes before I had to tone it down. After being a dancer for 13 years, this was extremely disappointing! I would definitely recommend ISSPT to others because they gave me the ability to dance again! Thank you all!”

– Rebecca Mathias


” Before physical therapy standing straight was a problem. I feel the difference in my posture and continue to work on everything that Devyn has shown me. I set goals for myself and work daily to improve. I don’t take this experience lightly and appreciate everything. I would recommend this therapy care to others.”

– Carol Ann Moretto


” Devyn Dodge is a miracle child… she’s done so much for my achilles and the instructions of flexibility/stretching during my exercise workouts… handball, Judo, spinning, golfing and swimming! I have placed 1st in the Sr. Nationals Judo tournament in Utah because of my confidence in Devyn’s instructions and flexibility instructions. ‘Eola Kama’ LIVING ONE DAY AT A TIME WITH NO REGRETS!”

– Rocky K. Lima


My neck and shoulder pain has decreased significantly since starting PT. I now know what causes my problem and how to do exercises at home to keep the problem from reoccuring. Matt Candau is very knowledgeable and skillful, he inspires confidence in his patients. My PT trainer Todd was very patient and helpful. The front desk staff is helpful and cheerful. I highly recommend!”

– Laura Trairatnobhas


” I came to Idaho Spine & Sports after a car accident with pretty severe back and neck pain. The staff here is amazing! They did whatever they could to help get me back to good health. The trainers were very helpful at providing me with exercises that targeted my problem areas. The therapists did a great job getting me to where I needed to be. I highly suggest Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy!”

– Timia Seabolt


” Before coming to physical therapy, I was having daily pain from an injury nearly a decade old. Now, no pain at all. Coming to PT has eliminated my pain as well as taught me proper steps to take at home to alleviate any symptoms. I would absolutely recommend Idaho Spine & Sports PT because not only did they do exactly what they said they would- help me work my shoulder back into great shape, but you seriously cannot find a nicer staff anywhere. From the front desk to the trainers and therapists, everyone made my visits spectacular!”

– Angie Zimmer


“I have been coming here since July 25, 2016 and have loved every bit of it.  I had Alex, who is wonderful and pleasant, I had Todd, who is very good and kept me on track, I worked with Megan, who is also very pleasant to work with and Brian as well.  Did I have tears in the beginning?  Yes, but it had to be done.  I have recommended 2 people to come to ISSPT and they both have.  I will miss coming in and will come in every couple months to keep me on track.  Love to all of you!”

-Lynda Morgan


“I had constant and severe back pain that limited my ability to move, sit, and work like I wanted to.  I tried chiropractic care which did not successfully treat my problem.  I came to PT looking for a long-term solution.  The therapists were knowledgeable, gentle, and friendly.  The therapy had fast results and I am now able to go back to my normal activities as I continue doing the recommended exercises.  Thank you!”

-Valarie Dixon


“I knew I wanted to come back to ISSPT for my back pain (which is different than the 1st time) and I am so glad I did!  The staff is fabulous and knowledgeable, and very patient.  I appreciate the pace and the twice weekly appointments.  It has made me think more about needing regular exercise.”

-Diann Zickau


“When I first came here I could hardly move.  Now I am at the end.  Thanks to the wonderful Alex and Lauren I can finally move without much pain and start enjoying my life!  This has been a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to anyone with chronic pain.”

-Cathy Rausch


“Pain from scar tissue in my knee after hip replacement and a broken femur (4 months non-weight bearing) kept me from doing even basic activities.  Although I am not pain free now, it is so much better and so my happiness level has increased!  Everyone I worked with had my best interest in mind and helped me so much.  Thanks Brian for caring and pushing me!”

-Donna Brinkerhoff


“At the time I came in I was having issues with sitting and standing due to pain, muscle spasms, and limited mobility.  Through work with Brian, Megan, and Lauren I have achieved less pain by leaps and bounds and more mobility. Yes!!  They are all GREAT! Thank you!”

-Debra Bates


“I started therapy a week after my surgery.  I was in pain and having trouble walking and doing normal activities.  Each time I came the pain became less and my mobility got better.  I can now do things I couldn’t do before the surgery.  I know that Megan and the therapy made a major difference in how fast I got better.  I think everyone should do therapy after surgery.  Megan encouraged me and helped me push myself.  She is fantastic!  Everyone here has been so good to me and encouraging.”

-Cheri Graffuis


“I would say from 1-10 I was an 8.  I could barely walk up a few stairs or even a curb.  I have never had PT before and even though I felt terrible, I had a hard time deciding to come.  Even though it has been physically and mentally difficult, it has been a huge improvement on my life.  My attitude has had a change to the better.  Your employees have been great.  Always a smile and always great motivators.”

-Sandra Grube


“Before I came to ISSPT, I could barely do things I love to do, like sports.  It’s way easier to squat and do other activities now.  The staff is great and helpful!”

-Rebecca Tolman


“When I first came to ISSPT, I could hardly move.  Now I am at the end thanks to the wonderful Alex and Lauren.  I can finally move without much pain and start enjoying my life.  This has been a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to anyone with chronic pain.”

-Cathy Rausch


“When I first came to ISSPT I had weak, painful, and tight T-bands on both legs.  I felt the therapy really helped and loosened up those T-bands.  Everyone here has been really pleasant and helpful! Thank you!”

-Cindy Ritchie


“When I first came to physical therapy, my lower back was in a world of hurt.  I feared I might need surgery.  In PT, they worked the kinks out of my lower back and gave me home exercises.  While I do have occasional flare ups, a combination of PT visits and home exercises has kept me out from under the surgeons knife.  And I have recommended ISSPT to my daughter-in-law and my neighbor friend.  They have both benefited from it.  I will keep on recommending others to your friendly family-oriented group.”

-Christy P. Lowry


“When I first came to physical therapy, I was in pain, and could barely walk.  I was recommended by my family doctor to try pt.  I have noticed from my regular appointments to pt that there is significant improvement in mobility, and I am almost pain free.  My muscle strength has improved and my nerve pain has calmed down.  I would recommend Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy to others, because of the friendly staff.  The staff works one on one with you, and really takes an interest in you and what you say or do.  You can have different therapists who offer different advice or a different perspective on your health.  It’s a family team effort business!”

-Jeanne McLane


“Pain and lack of mobility brought me to ISSPT.  Following a knee injury my daily activities were severely impaired.  It was painful to walk, stand, get in and out of the car or sit down and rise from a chair.  Getting comfortable to sleep through the night was impossible.  Thanks to the skilled therapists at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy.  I am pain free.  The nurturing environment and lively conversation during therapy were a bonus!  Thank you, again, for enabling me to resume my active lifestyle and be pain free.”

-Joyce McKenzie


“I came in from a rear end car accident and my neck was so tense and my lower back was so painful.  Jeff, Todd, Lauren, Alex, Brian, and Megan were all very patient with me knowing my limits.  It was a long road to recovery and everyone here was excellent!  Physical therapy has helped me gain back my life!!!  I could not work or play with my kids, or do normal chores.  I would recommend ISSPT to anyone with an injury.  They are so great with their techniques!”

-Erica Newman


“I couldn’t walk, except with a walker, and even then it was difficult.  After Brian’s excellent work, I can now walk with a cane and sometimes without it!  It has allowed me to resume most of my regular activities.  It has given me confidence and Brian has taught me a lot!  The staff are great, especially Brian.  Thanks very, very much Brian.  You are an exceptional PT!!”

-Kay Carter


“I had a 90 minute massage from Péter and he was awesome!  His knowledge of the muscles and how to relieve pain was just amazing.  Before the massage, I had a lot of back pain and after, the pain was completely gone!”

-Susan Newman


“The increased back pain interfered with all aspects of my life.  Even though the pain did not stop my ability to socialize the side effects of exhaustion and irritability greatly impacted my quality of life.  I made decisions about attending social events based on the pain and feeling of irritability and if it would be too tiring.  That is not a quality life!  PT has changed the quality of life for me.  Decisions about volunteering, social events and even chores are now made based on what I want to do not on pain level.  The visits to PT where not always easy, but the long term outlook/goal was worth it.  I now have the tools to continue to strengthen my back muscles and enjoy life!”

-Nancy Severance


“I was in pain in my knees and back.  After my visits with Alex I feel 95% better!  I am so impressed with the level of care and the friendliness of the staff.  I will and have recommended ISSPT to family and friends.  Thank you so much for improving my life!”

-Donna Glass


“When I first came here I couldn’t even tuck my shirt in.  It was very painful- now I can put my arm all the way across my back and over my head.  The people who work here are very professional and kind.  They know what they are doing.  I would really like to thank them for all they have done for me.”

-Della Hessing


“Physical therapy has improved my condition greatly.  Before PT, I had difficulty and increased pain with common day to day activities.  PT has improved my pain level and ability to move around more easily.  ISSPT has been there to help and educate me through this difficult time.  I appreciate all they have done to help my condition.”

-Yvonne Cendejas


“When I first came here I had a lot of pain on my right side.  The pain was so bad I had a hard time at work.  I had a hard time working out.  I had problems standing or sitting too long.  I believe physical therapy has helped me get better by fixing the main problem rather than a quick fix from the chiropractor.  It showed me exercises to do for my back.  It helped me to get stronger and more flexible.  I would recommend this therapy because all the therapists work with you to help you get better.  They push you in the exercises and are very easy to talk to.  I would recommend this for anybody with a sports injury or back problems.  It has helped me tremendously.”

-Joanna Butler


“After having knee replacement surgery, I had a hard time walking and had a lot of pain even when sitting.  Since coming in to therapy, I am able to move easier, walk without pain and not feel so tired after working all day.  I would highly recommend Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy to anyone needing physical therapy.  Everyone has been very kind and helpful in getting me back to feeling somewhat normal again.  Thanks so much for all you did for me!”

-Laura White


“My back was stiff and I had leg pain coming in.  All were made better through physical therapy here.  I would recommend ISSPT to anyone with “old age” back problems!”

-Richard Hoefer


“My condition before coming to physical therapy was lower back pain that when I walked the pain would shoot down my back into my left leg and all the way down to the ankle.  I couldn’t sit comfortably.  I could only lie down on my back.  Since PT my back pain is practically gone and I have no more pain in my leg as when I walk.  They taught me stretches that help if I start having any pain and they work to fix the problem.”

-Maura Beam


“I started out with back pain because of a lot of abuse of hard work in my younger age.  The pain would come and go but it started to hurt more often and for longer periods of time.  After about 14 sessions I only have moderate pain and a lot less pain (bearable).  They are all VERY nice people there.  I am 70 years old and that is important to me.”

Kirk Muth


“I had an injury to a shoulder I previously had surgery on that prevented me from working out or fixing cars which was my occupation before the injury which brought me back to physical therapy.  After everything that Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy has done for me, I am working and lifting weights with minimal to no issues.  Thank you Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy!”

-David Hussey


“At 30 years old, having degenerative disc disease isn’t a pleasantry, but after 4 years of pain, it was time to deal with it.  After 4 years of pain, it was time to deal with it.  Your staff from the initial appointment was very friendly and inviting.  They say laughter is the best cure and we had a great time!  Typically this included questioning Kevin’s qualifications since he is an Idaho Vandal, but I figured all the other BSU alumni could carry him!  The staff was professional and sincere in their desire to teach me and improve my condition.  While the condition will always be present, the knowledge and training has allowed me to relieve most of the pain.”

-Lucas Oneill


“I had frequent pain and discomfort when moving my right arm.  It started in my neck and moved to my upper arm.  I had difficulty sleeping because of the discomfort and pain.  Sleeping has definitely improved and I no longer experience that shooting pain from my neck.  With continued exercise I am hopeful to be back at 100%!  The staff was easy to work with and friendly.  Location was great too.  I really enjoyed the arm and neck massages!  :)”

-Jamie Boyce


“When I came in I couldn’t even stand up straight.  After working with the team they got my hips to stay aligned.  My back pain kept getting better and better with each session.  I loved the staff! They were all awesome!”

-Micalah Howard


“I love Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy!  Alex and Todd have helped me recover from two total knee replacements. I am now about to ride bikes, climb stairs, and take long walks- things I haven’t been able to do for 20 years!  Thank you for bringing me back to vibrant health!”

-Jody Olson


“Before my physical therapy, I couldn’t walk or run without severe pain.  Alex and Todd worked with me by stretching , massaging and teaching me exercises that helped heal and strengthen my torn hamstring.  I would recommend Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy as it was a friendly and welcoming environment which produced results.”

-Chris Compton 


“When I first arrived at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy I was a mess!  I was buckled over a crutch with my husband on one side and Megan on the other!! How did that happen you ask?  Well, an ever so slight bend to pick up my flat iron out of a drawer thigh high!!! Yep. No exciting story there!!! Never mind the fact that the weekend before I was riding a horse!!! Nope, it was the flat iron that did me in!  So I hobbled back to the evaluation room and made it to a lying position.  In walked Jeff and as professional as one can be while the patient is swearing and laughing simultaneously, he began his evaluation!! Basically, he said, you’ve got a bulging disk, most likely L5S1.  Let’s just say this is the first of many times he was correct in his evaluations of what the problem was.  So we proceeded to schedule thrice-weekly appointments.

“After a few weeks we began to get doctors involved for x-rays, and MRI’s.  (Side note, *insert sarcasm* my favorite moment when one doctor said, “it’s not a bulging disk, it’s a muscle spasm!”)  Anyway, the MRI revealed, yes indeed, it was a bulging disc.  So I continued to frequent my local PT and exercise and stretch and ice and heat and take anti-imflammatories.  With no improvement.  Because there was still no improvement, Jeff suggested I ask about injections.  So back to the doctor….a different one than Dr. Spasm, and he ordered the injections.  Yay you say!!  You shouldn’t’t feel much after those!!! Well, Jeff, Kevin, and everyone at ISSPT learned early on that I am not your normally-wired individual!!!  So alas, the injections did not help.  In fact, they made it worse!  So I continued physical therapy, tapping my fingers through every stretch and laughing through every exercise!! As soon as we would begin to intensify the workouts the worse my back would get.  So we’d back off and start again.

            Eventually the folks at ISSPT started throwing out surgery talk!! That started to scare me a bit.  But Jeff gave me the name of a surgeon he had dealt with personally so I thought, well the guy hasn’t’t been wrong yet so I’ll give him a call!  A visit with a neurosurgeon sent me to a wonderful test called a discogram.  Sounds fun?  Well no!!! I’d rather give birth three more times than do that again!!!  Ok, let’s jump to the part where they say let’s cut you open and take out the disc that is now herniated and sew you back up and send you on your way!!  That happened and it took about two months of recovery before I returned to my beloved physical therapists!! Again being “wired wrong” as the surgeon put it, I had some additional issues after the surgery but that didn’t stop Jeff and Kevin from doing what they do best!!! After a few months I was to the point where I didn’t have to go to my PT “Happy Hour” every week! But, I will continue to do my exercises at home!! I’m even going to make a chart for myself to mark the days I do my at home regimen!! I haven’t figured out what my prize should be after so many weeks in a row but I’ll think of something!!!

            I’m not gonna lie, I will miss my weekly visit!!!  I have even watched some staff move one to the next stage of their lives while I still remained! You all are so amazing, not just in what you do professionally but in the type of people you are!!  Whenever I told my friends and family I was going to PT, there was always a collective sigh and groan of pain and feeling sorry for me!  I never once dreaded going!  And I only wish everyone who needs a PT could experience what I did!!  And not to mention the fact that my back is better!! Keep doing a phenomenal job!!!”

-Angela Archambeault


“I was in bad shape.  Could not be on my feet for longer than 10 minutes without pain and numbness.  I couldn’t even do my own grocery shopping and I hurt all the time.  I had a lump on my upper thigh from bursitis that hurt when touched.  From the first session with Jeff I felt improvement and improved with every session.  Jeff is remarkable at his job and I can’t say how grateful I am because there are not the words.  I basically did not have a life.  Now I can take walks, travel, buy my own groceries and even ride in a car for longer than 10 minutes and there is no lump in my thigh.  I would not hesitate to recommend Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy.  Money well spent!  I also want to thank Kevin for his patience and great explanations.”

-Karan Reynolds


“When I came in to Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy, I couldn’t even sit for more than a few minutes without using a donut pillow.  Since coming to PT, I can now sit without the pillow.  I can ride a bike again and sit in the car without pain!  I have been to PT before without much success.  This experience has renewed my faith in PT.  Alex really figured out the cause of my pain and has done a great job relieving my symptoms.”

-Rise Stoldt


“I had significant pain and limited range of motion.  I also had limited time and I improved more than expected!  I like the open environment and the therapists are friendly and approachable.”

-Christina Childs


“Before I came in, I was in a lot of pain and my range of motion was limited.  Now I can move easier and the pain has eased a lot.  The people at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy are really friendly and do a good job!

-Glen Callister


“When I first came in I don’t think I could move very well at all. I have worked with Brian 90% of the time and as of today I have almost full range of motion!  This facility and the staff here are the best!”

-Jeanne Hatten


“I came in limping and feeling worse by the minute.  Daily routines were a struggle and I had stopped running and doing the things that I enjoy.  In 3 months I am outstanded at the improvement!  Only wish I would I’d come in sooner!  I am back to doing all my favorite things and feel stronger than ever!  Thank you!”

-Kate Hunter


“Let me begin by saying thank you and especially to Brian and Megan who took such good care of me, as well as the friendly staff here.  My son is a PT in the Bay area and he was the one who told me I should see a physical therapist.  He was right!  I needed confidence in knowing that there was things I could do to strengthen my area of concern- even at almost 70 years old!  I have to say that I am feeling almost 70% better than the first day I came in, and am relieved that Brian and Megan could show me that I did not need surgery, something I am certain a doctor would have told me.  I’m glad I listened to my son….I guess that college education has paid off!”

-Jennifer Williams


“I think my time here was well worth it.  My exercises are something I can do and I really think they helped a lot!  I feel much better now.  Thanks!”

-Louise Wilske


“Before coming to ISSPT, I was experiencing a lot of pain with very simple activities like holding my kids, sitting at my desk, picking things up off the ground.  Now I can do all of these plus more!  My core strength has improved tremendously! I would recommend ISSPT because they did a great job accessing my injury and putting together a great plan!”

-Meghan Holsclaw


“This is my fourth course of physical therapy at ISSPT.  All my previous visits have been quite successful.  I came in this time with balance issues.  The therapist was very knowledgeable on how to help.  Upon 12-15 visits I am walking much better and am more confident in climbing stairs and and my movements are better controlled.  I highly recommend ISSPT!”

-George Pitt


“Prior to PT, I could barely bend my knee.  Within the first few appointments my mobility improved considerably.  The stretches, exercises, etc, all were relevant to my success.  I could see improvements as I did activities at home.  I would highly recommend the staff, PT. and trainers here at ISSPT.  Their knowledge is impressive and I feel like each of them works so well together that it made for a great experience.” -Tammy Sullivan

“I feel physically stronger and my muscle tone is better.  In general I feel more fit both mentally and physically!  -Twyla Miller

“When I first came to therapy, I couldn’t get out of a chair without sharp pain in my legs.  After leaving the exercises and stretching I have strengthened my back and legs so TAHT I no longer have any pain.  Even after 12 hour plane rides.  I like the fact that they teach you simple excess that don’t require expensive equipment or a gym.” 

-Paul Way


“I had spinal fusion surgery and was not able to do much of anything without pain.  I am now able to do most anything I want!  Everyone has been very kind and you feel like a person, not just a number.  I came here because I had worked with Brian before and I knew I wanted to work with him again, but everyone here is great!

-Kathleen Paul


“After my (auto) accident, I could not pick up my daughter, which was the worst thing that could happen.  After a few weeks of coming to ISSPT, I was able to pick her up.  Now, after going through this process, I feel great and my back and neck feel great.  I have no more pain.”

Aaron Perry


“I had a great deal of lower right back pain radiating to the right butt.  After the first two visits, the back pain greatly diminished.  The following visits concentrated successfully on healing the radiated nerve sensitivity.  At my first visit, leg mobility and stretching were quite limited and I could not sit comfortably.  Upon full course of therapy, mobility was excellent and nerve sensitivity greatly reduced.  Consistent adherence to the prescribed exercises at home is very key.  Thanks much.”

Jeff Pierose


“When I first came, it was after I broke my femur in two places and fractured my hip.  I was non-weight bearing for 8 weeks coming to therapy in a wheel chair.  I came 3 times a week for four months, during which time I moved to a walker and then came twice a week using a quad cane.  Today is my last day of PT.  Here, and after 6 months, I am walking with a cane.  I can shop at the mall, and walk around for about an hour before I need to rest.  I’ve had great care here.  The therapy staff and office staff have been great.  I would recommend this facility to everyone.”

Gloria Fox


“Thanks for all your help.  You make me sleep better, and overall function better through out my day.  My lower back is pain free.”

AJ Stroup


“The training I received was most rewarding.  I feel that I am more sure of myself relative to my balance problem.  Each staff member who worked with me was very effective.  I always felt welcomed and I looked forward to the next meeting. Thanks for helping me.”

Charles Rowley


“I felt that you were all willing to explain different treatments and adjust as needed.  In the past, when going to PT, I felt really sore and achy the day after, but not with you folks.  To me, this seemed more carefully planned and my input was listened to.”

Shirley Taylor


“I was well pleased with your work on me.  Pain went away- this was the best part.  Thank you.”

Paul Acheson


“I was able to walk better.”

Leona Mayer


“As we age, different parts of our bodies need rehabilitative adjustments.  It’s real peace of mind knowing those necessary adjustments are available to alleviate our pain—and even make us better than before!  Plus the home exercises you hand out help us on an even keel; an “ounce of prevention” really is “worth a pound of cure.”  Plus it’s obvious your staff members are both knowledgeable and enjoy what they’re doing.  That, and their fun sense of humor makes sessions informative, enjoyable, and productive.”

Christy Lowry


“When I first came, it was impossible for me to get off and on the table.  My legs were very tender to do exercise and my left arm was more sore than I knew.  Physical Therapy has made a vast improvement with my arm and leg movements.”

Helen High


“I came in with a calf injury from 5/1/13 I suffered while running.  At that point, it was painful to the touch and also just walking around.  I started out with ASTYM treatment from Bret several times a week for about 4 weeks.  This combined with stretching and strength exercises I did at home helped with my speedy recovery.  I am back training for the Salmon Marathon and Double Robie this September.  This past Saturday, I ran 18 miles and have no calf issues whatsoever!  I have Bret Adams and the rest of his great staff at Idaho Spine & Sports to thank for the wonderful job of putting this 49 year old body back together.  I hope to never need physical therapy services again, but if and when I do, I will be back here.”

Clay Fulfer


“I had sharp pain in the front part of my right leg.  The pain was terrible with every step.  After a few ASTYM treatments, it was back to normal and felt great.  The staff at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy are friendly and professional.  A big thanks to all who helped with my speedy recovery.  Jeff, Aimee, Bret & Troy!  Thanks.”

Michael Berry


“Prior to coming here, I was in significant pain that had completely sidelined me from enjoying crossfit.  I was finally getting into shape and was afraid I would lose my good habits and gain back my weight.  I was able to work through my program here and get back to crossfit.  Everyone here is so positive and really helped me to focus on the end goal.  I truly appreciate everyone here for their support and interest in me and my recovery.”

Niki Flock


“The therapy has helped me a lot.  Mentally and physically.  I recommend it to anybody. Great help!”

Eva Bennedict


“For a number of years I have experienced left leg pain. After visiting an orthopedic doctor I was told that my left leg needed strengthening.  I was cautiously optimistic about therapy.  After attending therapy my leg strength has increased and my leg pain has decreased. I am grateful for the service provided by Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy.”

Bill Sullivan


“I came to Idaho Spine & Sports P.T. to rehab two knee replacements. One in February, 2016 and the second in December, 2016. Both times I was fresh out of surgery and using a walker. My range of motion, ability to extend my legs and the strengthening of my legs needed work. All of those areas have shown much improvement. I am now walking without aides and resuming my normal life activitites. I have greatly enjoyed the PTs, PTAs and Trainers at Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy. They have made rehabing both knees a pleasant experience.”

Shelley Paetz


“My condition before coming to PT was painful and frustrating. I had a difficult time gettign dressed, putting on my shoes, and normal day to day tasks. My time spent here at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy has been positiive and I feel “normal” again. All of the therapists, trainers and PTAs have been a joy to work with and a pleasure in getting to know them.”

Kelly Vestal

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