Read about the Most Frequently Asked Questions We Get About Knee Pain

Why does my knee pop/crack when I perform certain movements?

  • There are a few reasons why someone experiences cracking/popping in the knee.  When ligaments and tendons catch as they go over a body surface aka cavitation. Typically this is painless.
  • Possible meniscus tear
  • Crepitus from Osteoarthritis
  • Other injuries including Chondromalacia patella or Patellafemoral Syndrome

My last therapist told me “No pain, no gain.” If it hurts doing my exercises, should I push past the pain?

  • Not necessarily. In order to see true strength changes, there will be muscle soreness and fatigue while doing your exercises especially early on. There may be some discomfort during exercise which is ok; however, you do not want to grit your teeth and “push through the pain” to get results because more damage can be done especially if done incorrectly. Our goal is to introduce exercises in a manner a patient can perform safely and effectively.

Can Physical Therapy help with the arthritis I have in my knee?

  • Yes. Arthritis cannot be cured by Physical Therapy; however, it can be prevented from getting worse. Your therapist will guide you through exercises to help improve strength and stability around the arthritic joint as well as teach you proper body mechanics during functional movements .

I have a lot of scar tissue built up from a previous injury/surgery that causes pain and stiffness. Can this be treated?

Yes. We utilize a variety of different techniques including ASTYM, scar tissue mobilization, stretching, active release technique, and dynamic exercise to break up scar tissue and help remodel new healthy tissue.

Will getting an injection in my knee help with the pain?

Maybe, Maybe not. Injections do not help everyone; however, they can provide temporary relief and are used in conjunction with Physical Therapy. Injections can help with pain and inflammation temporarily; however, it does not address the root cause and will require skilled interventions from a therapist for long term relief.  

We treat patients of ALL ages who experience knee pain ranging from athletes participating in sports, post-op rehabilitation (TKA, ACL, meniscus), chronic knee pain from arthritic joints & many other conditions.

Treating your knee pain will be specific to you depending on what the Physical Therapist diagnoses in the evaluation. They will set up a plan of care tailored to what needs to be done to meet your goals. A typical treatment session consists of hands on manual therapy, massage, ASTYM (if applicable) joint mobilizations and stretching to decrease muscle tightness and improve joint and tissue pliability. You will then be guided through exercises to help restore strength and stability. We conclude treatment with electrical stimulation (if applicable) and heat/ice.  Most patients will be given 1-3 exercises/stretches on their first or second treatment to begin doing at home. We frequently make changes throughout the POC to the HEP based on patient’s progression.



Joint Replacement Therapy Boise, Idaho

When there is a direct impact to the knee, the knee joint can twist or stretch beyond its normal capacity causing injuries including:

  • Ligament tears (sprains)
  • Muscle tears (strains)
  • Cartilage injuries
  • Inflammation of protective cushioning (meniscus) and fluid-filled sacs (bursitis)

Physical therapy Idaho can help reduce pain, regain function and restore strength in the knee. If you suffer from knee pain, depending on the severity of the injury, we will make the appropriate referral for physical therapy, stem cell therapy, PRP, or an orthopedic surgeon. 

A physical therapist is a trained health care professional who can design an effective injury prevention program, in addition to a comprehensive rehabilitation program for the knee. The goal of physical therapy is to restore mobility to your knee as quickly as possible.

There's no reason to live with knee pain; we are trained to help you get back on your feet, regain mobility, and return to your daily activities as quickly as possible. Go ahead, call us today. We are standing by to serve you.

If you are getting a total knee replacement in Idaho, you need Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy. 

Patient Testimonials

"When I came in, my left knee was painful and I was having a hard time even walking around. After PT I'm back to running and back at the gym. I have learned a lot about proper movement techniques. The people here are great to work with. I would highly recommend Spine & Sports Physical Therapy."

- Kevin Dietrich


"Before I came to physical therapy I was in a large amount of pain. Coming to therapy has given my knees and ankles more strength and has allowed me to play soccer once again. I would recommend people to come here because of the friendly atmosphere and the level of professionalism."

- Gavin Parsons


"My condition before coming to this physical therapy place was all aroud weak knee.  PT has helped me to improve my quad/knee strength and allowed me to return to competitive sports.  I would recommend Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy to others because it has a great and positive atmosphere.  The staff and physical therapists are all super funny and chill."

-Maria Ware


"I had a total knee replacement.  Needless to say, I was in a lot of pain.  The crew here helped me through the pain with some great exercises and stretches both here and at home.  My therapists were Jeff, Kevin, and Megan.  Their professionalism, knowledge, kindness, and friendship made my time here go too fast.  I will miss them a lot.  I would recommend ISSPT to anyone who is in the need of physical therapy, because the crew will get you feeling better in no time.  And you will laugh through the pain.  Thank you everyone for treating me like I was someone special."

-Suzanne Cydell


"I came in March after my 1st total knee replacement.  The exercise program and physical therapy made my recovery really speedy.  In September, I had the 2nd total knee replacement.  I knew what to expect and again, the exercise and therapy made for an even speedier recovery.  They pushed me hard, but never beyond what I could tolerate.  Everyone here is so friendly, and very supportive.  I would never go anywhere else for any physical therapy.  Thank you Alex and Todd!  The massage at the end is a real bonus!"

-Dary Bishop


"I came to physical therapy to help improve my range of motion in my right knee and find out how to continue to keep my ROM from getting worse as I get older.  All of the staff here have been great- helpful, professional, and have great attitudes!  My pain has decreased since coming here and I've learned how to stretch out my knee and do many exercises to help strengthen my knee, quads, and hips. I feel more equipped to deal with arthritis in my knee as I age and keep it from getting worse"

-Jean Pollock


"Left knee weakness after a fall with some RA flare occurred while changing my RA medicine.  Constant pain and swelling in my left knee!  Referred to PT per Dr. Lagwinski.  At the start of PT unable to put leg straight and was weak.  Now after PT and the pain and swelling is down and able to straighten knee.  My knee is stronger.  It has been a real benefit for me to have had physical therapy.  I will definitely recommend Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy for everyone!"

-Vivian Hayes


"I could barely walk when I came in to Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy.  I had just had a total knee replacement and I had a lot of pain.  Megan (and others) not only gave me fantastic work outs, but they also helped keep me going.  Megan is a great cheerleader and made me feel very good about my progress.  It's hard to believe that I could change so much in just 6 weeks.  I hardly have any pain now and I can do all kinds of things that I wasn't able to do before.  I thank Megan and all the people at ISSPT for giving me a fantastic experience!'

-Cheri Graffuis


"Before I started here my knee would often be in shocking pain while I did normal around the house stuff.  PT has made my knee stronger and I can now do all my normal day to day activities including active sports!  I would recommend ISSPT because I went from pain in my knee to nearly none at all!"

-Nick Kozup


"My condition when I first came to ISSPT was with my knee.  It would not heal on it's own.  I was recommended by my primary care doctor.  Physical therapy has really helped me since I started.  Now I can play sports without pain or trouble.  I would recommend ISSPT to others because now I have had no pain since!"

-Lauren Kozup


"Before I came to Physical Therapy, I could hardly walk up and down stairs because of my ACL surgery.  I had pain while walking and there was no way I could run.  Physical Therapy helped me get my strength back so now I can play sports again.  I would recommend Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy because all the therapists are very nice (except Kevin, just kidding!) and work with you one on one and try to get to know you." -Dylan Ward


"I had a total knee replacement on March 1. When I started physical therapy, I walked with a walker, struggled with steps, and had really poor balance. Now, I have full range of motion, a normal walk, no limps, and great balance. I can walk up and down a flight of stairs. My therapy team, Alex and Todd, were fantastic. They took time to get to know me and really made this process so much easier than I expected. Thank you to the whole staff."   -Daryl Bishop


"I came in with painful and noisy arthritic knees. After a few weeks of PT, I am able to walk and do stairs pain free with a lot less of the cracking noise. The staff and therapists here are wonderful; I wouldn't go any where else for physical therapy."   -Sue Jones


"Before physical therapy, every time I tried to kneel on the floor to play with my little girls, my knee would hurt badly....same with exercise or even going up and down the stairs.  But the exercises Bret taught me, in addition to the focused work he did on my knee and hip, has helped me get back to normal life again.  But what makes Spine and Sports Physical Therapy really stand out is how flexible they have been.  They've worked with me when I need to bring my kids along and made them feel as welcome as me.  I would definitely recommend them to others."   - Afton Johnson


"When first coming in I had fairly constant mild-severe knee pain in both knees. I'm stopping therapy sooner that I'd like, but in the time that I've been here, I've been doing my exercises regularly and the pain in my knees has improved significantly and I'm able to exercise more and harder that I have in years. The therapists here are all very knowledgeable and supportive of me reaching my goals, and they've been very accommodating with my busy schedule."   -Joshua Johnston


"After knee replacement surgery I was in severe pain. I was going to therapy three times a week which helped me tremendously. The therapists were all great. It didn't matter which person you had to work with because they all know their stuff and did an amazing job. The girls upfront were great, friendly and easy to work with as well. I have already been recommending people to your business. Thank you very much for all your help. I feel really good and almost back to normal."   -Debbie Page


"Physical therapy was done by Laura.  I must say, she's very good!  I came in with pain in my left knee and in just a few times, the left knee felt good.  I hardly felt pain anymore.  She takes the time to explain what each procedure is doing to strengthen the muscles that will relieve the pain.  I like that!  Also, instead of just exercising the one leg, she does the other too!  I like that even better!  She's very thorough and the results show.  The fruit that is for us to eat is a plus and very nice addition for our comfort and pleasure along with the drinks of our choice.  The people here are friendly and appear to be glad to see us; always smiling!  Very good environment!"   -Tina Covino


"When I started PT I was having a hard time walking without pain. I had to pull myself up the stairs. I always had enjoyed gardening but pain took the enjoyment away. Now that I have finished PT, my knees feel stronger. I can walk again and enjoy my garden. I even found myself running up the stairs without thinking!"   -Rosemary Luque


"Before coming to PT @ Idaho Spine & Sports, my miniscal tear caused me to walk with such a limp that my good leg was in pain regularly. Shortly after starting PT, my limp was gone and the pain in my knee had diminished tremendously! I can now do all the things for my family that before had been done only with significant discomfort--I am on the mend! I would recommend Idaho Spine & Sports because of the excellent  staff and their dedication to their patients. They always made me feel like their very favorite client! It is a great place to be!"   -Mary McCullough


"I injured my knee five years ago and slowly stopped being able to do the things I enjoy and do for a living (running, snowboarding, biking, sitting for longs periods). After PT, I'm back to running and biking, and am looking forward to the snow! The best part of my knee being better is that I am able to avoid surgery!"   -Erica Barkell


"Thanks so much to all of you. After my right TKA, I had very limited range of motion. After my therapy it really improved and my motion is great! All of the therapists and trainers are really dedicated and have been instrumental in my improvement. I like the idea that all the staff is aware of the problems that each patient is having and can step in to help. That instills the confidence that the patient needs to improve. I would highly recommend Idaho Spine & Sports."   -Susan Oldenberg


"Before coming to Spine and Sports, my knee would hurt so bad I couldn't compete in my track meets. With this therapy, I have learned more about how to take care of my knee especially the little exercises that you have to do every day. I would recommend any of my sports friends if they are willing to put in the work. The whole staff can relate to your sport and injury and they really want to connect with you."   -Michael Woods


"Condition before coming to PT was using a walker and unable to functionally use the leg. Got range of motion to where I can function at work. I would recommend Spine & Sports PT to friends because of the positive attitude with everyone there."   -Stacey Thomas


"I came to Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy because of a reference from a friend.  Everything he said about the office and staff was spot on.  They are friendly and knowledgeable.  My knee feels great and recovered well from the surgery.  They have also been helping me with a shoulder impingement.  When I started physical therapy, my shoulder was so painful I could not sleep at night.  My range of motion and strength has increased and I can do most of my desired activities.  Thank you to the staff at Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy."   - Patrick Pratchett


"March 6th of 2013, I had a full right knee replacement.  I started physical therapy at the hospital the next day.  When I left the hospital, I continued physical therapy with Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy with Bret Adams.  Because of physical therapy, I feel I am almost at 100% use of my knee.  Without therapy, I would not be where I am today.  Thanks to the skilled staff and the pleasant atmosphere, my recovery has been a good experience.  I would highly recommend this group to anyone who needs physical therapy. They will work with you, encourage you, and make you feel like part of their family!  Kudos to a great staff!"   -Terry Teeter


"PT was a positive experience! I had a total left knee replacement, and with diligence of PT my range of motion improved. I am grateful for the therapist and his approach with me, being slow and steady. I could not have entered back into the workforce without PT. I would recommend Idaho Spine and Sports PT to anyone willing to do the work!"    -Vicki Friend


"I had a knee replacement and knowing it would be hard to get through, the staff here are very knowledgeable as to what was needed for my rehab.  The people here are all very friendly and helpful.  They answered all of my questions and gave me good direction on how and what to do."   -Stephen Woodall


"A full knee replacement was my reason for being here. Melanie/Troy were the primary therapists and I can't say enough about their professionalism, compassion and encouragement. They are key players in the success of my recovery. I would definitely recommend ISSPT to others. Everyone, including the front desk, has made this recovery comfortable and successful."   -Del Yaryan


"Before coming to physical therapy, I had pain and swelling in my knee from a bad sprain. I was unable to walk comfortable up and down stairs and unable to do my yoga practice. I am now able to walk comfortably up and down stairs and do all my yoga. I am hoping that by continuing to use exercises I have been given that I can continue to strengthen my legs and balance and do even more than I could before I was injured."   -Katherine Urquidi


"I broke my leg and have neuropathy. ISSPT did a great job of working my leg & knee, strengthening my muscles and working on balance. The staff was professional and very fun! I enjoyed working with all the staff. I worked with Eric, Zach, Todd, and Amanda mostly. The combination of equipment, exercises and massage really worked well. I would definitely recommend ISSPT."   -Katie Newton


"I came into physical therapy to treat my hyper extended knee. I suffered from knee pain, fatigue, and balance issues. After the first couple of weeks, I started to notice significant improvement in my legs as well as my back. I would recommend this team to everyone because of the amazing results and the friendly atmosphere. I enjoyed working with everyone and am grateful for everyone's effort in working with me."   -Kody Dearing


"I started off with lots of pain and stiffness and after physical therapy. I am pain free and have full mobility. The Idaho Spine and Sports therapists are great to work with and provided specific exercises and tips to keep me healthy."   -Gioni Pasquinelli


"I had just had a total knee replacement and was in a lot of pain. Because of my arthritis, I had little mobility in my leg. I can now bend it further than I have in years. I was frankly terrified about being able to walk or bend my knee at all. I can now walk without a limp and am quite comfortable doing most things. The staff were uniformly wonderful, very supportive and encouraging. After talking to friends, I am more than ever glad I came here."   -Nikki Blakeley


"I had knee replacement and started my therapy 6 days after my surgery. The team here did an amazing job in my rehab. I looked forward to coming to PT because of all the people here."   -Jim Null


"I had knee pain for a couple of years which led to having hip pain. My doctors said that it was just growing pains and that it would go away. Well, it never went away. Then my doctor told me my options were to get x-rays to see if I did something wrong, but everything was clear. The next option was physical therapy. I haven't had pain since I finished therapy. I'm grateful for physical therapy because I'm able to enjoy life without pain."   -Michelle Billman


"I came in because I "tweaked" my right knee that I had rehabbed 6 years ago. I am very pleased with all of the help I received here to strengthen my knee through the exercises and ASTYM. I also appreciated the positiveness of the staff and showing me exercises I can do at home to keep improving my knee."   -Julie Larkin


"After I got hurt I couldn't walk or use my leg at all. After therapy I feel super strong, as I can now walk and run. Therapy has changed my life lately and thank you everyone, especially Eric, Todd, and Kevin. They are awesome people."   -Thao Tang


"Before coming to physical therapy, Emma had limited mobility and frequent complaints of pain. She was not able to walk comfortably and was forced to be mostly sedentary. Now, after all the physical therapy Emma has regained a lot of her strength, mobility, and flexibility. She is much more active without pain most of the time and has also been able to return to her ballet training. I whole heartedly recommend Idaho Spine and Sports to anyone that needs to recover or regain their health, as Emma has received great care and effective treatment from her physical therapy sessions. All of the therapists worked with Emma with great professionalism, encouragement, and care. Thank you!"   -Terry Redford


"Prior to coming to physical therapy I had total knee replacements in both knees. Prior to surgery I had severe arthritic pain in both knees. I had approximately 17 PT sessions on each knee following surgery. The PT allowed me to regain flexibility and bending in both knees that I didn't have prior to replacement. It has also allowed me to rebuild the muscle strength in my legs, which I will have to continue on my own with the exercises I learned in therapy. I have been very happy with the therapy I have received at Idaho Spine and Sports and would recommend this clinic to others. All of the therapists I worked with were very professional and thorough in their work with me and I looked forward to my sessions."    -Kenneth Grove


"I came in with a strained knee which had a lot of scar tissue built up and pain most of the time. Through my appointments all the staff that helped me were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I always feel like 'part of the family' when I come and it's almost hard to leave on my last appointment. Through the past five to six years I have had several shoulder and knee surgeries and I've always come to Idaho Spine and Sports for therapy. I feel like I get the help I and results I am looking for. Thanks team!"    -Julee Huston


"When I first came to physical therapy, my knee was swollen and painful constantly. I had difficulty bending it more than approximately 10 degrees. I was given a few exercises by the physical therapist in WA but had only two visits with him before moving to Idaho. When I finally had insurance and was directed to Idaho Spine & Sports, I began to improve consistently. Now I am able to walk and bend normally with only minor fatigue after a day of walking, doing chores, etc.The staff at Spine & Sports were enjoyable to work with. They explained what was working and the reason for the exercises I was doing. Today I feel that I am leaving a group of friends that were very helpful and were actually fun to be around. I will definitely recommend Spine & Sports to anyone I know with physical therapy needs."   -Darrell Beddoe


"This was my second time in a year after doing total knee surgery on both knees, to complete therapy here. Going from two bad knees to two new knees has been quite the experience and I couldn't have done it without the treatment and encouragement I received from Idaho Spine and Sports therapists, and the girls at the front desk. I am looking forward to getting back on the golf courses. Thanks to all of you."    -Robert Stanton


"Before I started coming to pt, my knees would hurt really bad. Mostly during ballet when I would 'squat'. The pain would start in the middle of nowhere and would hurt so bad I wouldn't be able to walk. I went to my doctor and he recommended me here. Coming to physical therapy has really helped me and has made it so my knees don't hurt. It has definitely changed my life.I would definitely recommend Idaho Spine and Sports to anyone. The therapists are so kind and work very hard. I am super thankful for everyone here who has helped me."   -Kailey Rude


"It has been very beneficial. I feel better and have more endurance. Thanks for taking care of m. The staff was a lot of fun to work with."   -Jack Lindsay


"I came to Idaho Spine and Sports for therapy after my total knee replacement, I worked with Alex and Todd, two amazing people, who guided me through an absolutely flawless rehabilitation. For two decades I was so limited in what I could do. My knee simply did not work. Alex and Todd were encouraging, uplifting and compassionate. I am now riding a bike, taking the stairs and moving without pain. My life has changed. I could not have achieved this level of recovery without their support and guidance. I highly recommend Idaho Spine and Sports."   -Jody Olson