Knee pain is a common reason for people to visit their physical therapist. Often, knee pain is the result of an injury, such as a ruptured ligament or torn cartilage. But some medical conditions can also bring you to your knees, including arthritis, bursitis, patellofemoral syndrome and tendonitis.

We provide relief for these common conditions:

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of knee arthritis. Also called wear-and-tear arthritis or degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis is characterized by progressive wearing away of the cartilage of the joint.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome is irritation / inflammation of the iliotibial band (the inflammation is usually not visible) that causes lateral knee pain. This condition is most common in long-distance runners and cyclists.

Muscle Strains Increasing the duration and intensity of exercise or any activity too quickly often causes muscle strain.

Knee Bursitisis a sac containing a small amount of fluid that is located between surfaces that need to move to reduce friction. Bursitis (Inflammation of a bursa) is usually caused by overuse. Excessive kneeling often causes prepatellar bursitis (common in carpet layers, gardeners). The symptoms are knee pain and inflammation over the kneecap and sometimes limited range of motion.

Tendonitis of the Knee Patellar Tendonitis (also called jumper’s knee) is generally caused by overuse of the quadriceps, especially jumping types of activities such as volleyball and basketball. Quadriceps Tendonitis is also generally caused by overuse of the quadriceps.

Meniscal tears may occur during participation in sports, often when the knee is twisted.

A torn ACL. The knee may give out suddenly when the ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament) is torn and there may be a popping sound upon injury. Symptoms of a torn ACL include knee pain, swelling, stiffness, and bruising. Walking is painful and the knee feels unstable.

Read about the Most Frequently Asked Questions We Get About Knee Pain

Why does my knee pop/crack when I perform certain movements?

  • There are a few reasons why someone experiences cracking/popping in the knee.  When ligaments and tendons catch as they go over a body surface aka cavitation. Typically this is painless.
  • Possible meniscus tear
  • Crepitus from Osteoarthritis
  • Other injuries including Chondromalacia patella or Patellafemoral Syndrome

My last therapist told me “No pain, no gain.” If it hurts doing my exercises, should I push past the pain?

  • Not necessarily. In order to see true strength changes, there will be muscle soreness and fatigue while doing your exercises especially early on. There may be some discomfort during exercise which is ok; however, you do not want to grit your teeth and “push through the pain” to get results because more damage can be done especially if done incorrectly. Our goal is to introduce exercises in a manner a patient can perform safely and effectively.

Can Physical Therapy help with the arthritis I have in my knee?

  • Yes. Arthritis cannot be cured by Physical Therapy; however, it can be prevented from getting worse. Your therapist will guide you through exercises to help improve strength and stability around the arthritic joint as well as teach you proper body mechanics during functional movements .

I have a lot of scar tissue built up from a previous injury/surgery that causes pain and stiffness. Can this be treated?

Yes. We utilize a variety of different techniques including ASTYM https://www.astym.com/Main, scar tissue mobilization, stretching, active release technique, and dynamic exercise to break up scar tissue and help remodel new healthy tissue.

Will getting an injection in my knee help with the pain?

Maybe, Maybe not. Injections do not help everyone; however, they can provide temporary relief and are used in conjunction with Physical Therapy. Injections can help with pain and inflammation temporarily; however, it does not address the root cause and will require skilled interventions from a therapist for long term relief.  

We treat patients of ALL ages who experience knee pain ranging from athletes participating in sports, post-op rehabilitation (TKA, ACL, meniscus), chronic knee pain from arthritic joints & many other conditions.

Treating your knee pain will be specific to you depending on what the Physical Therapist diagnoses in the evaluation. They will set up a plan of care tailored to what needs to be done to meet your goals. A typical treatment session consists of hands on manual therapy, massage, ASTYM (if applicable) joint mobilizations and stretching to decrease muscle tightness and improve joint and tissue pliability. You will then be guided through exercises to help restore strength and stability. We conclude treatment with electrical stimulation (if applicable) and heat/ice.  Most patients will be given 1-3 exercises/stretches on their first or second treatment to begin doing at home. We frequently make changes throughout the POC to the HEP based on patient’s progression.

Read about the Most Frequently Asked Questions We Get About Knee Pain

When there is a direct impact to the knee, the knee joint can twist or stretch beyond its normal capacity causing injuries including:

Ligament tears (sprains)
Muscle tears (strains)
Cartilage injuries

Inflammation of protective cushioning (meniscus) and fluid-filled sacs (bursitis)
Physical therapy Idaho can help reduce pain, regain function and restore strength in the knee. If you suffer from knee pain, depending on the severity of the injury, we will make the appropriate referral for physical therapy, stem cell therapy, PRP, or an orthopedic surgeon.

A physical therapist is a trained health care professional who can design an effective injury prevention program, in addition to a comprehensive rehabilitation program for the knee. The goal of physical therapy is to restore mobility to your knee as quickly as possible.

There’s no reason to live with knee pain; we are trained to help you get back on your feet, regain mobility, and return to your daily activities as quickly as possible. Go ahead, call us today. We are standing by to serve you.

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“When I came in, my left knee was painful and I was having a hard time even walking around. After PT I’m back to running and back at the gym. I have learned a lot about proper movement techniques. The people here are great to work with. I would highly recommend Spine & Sports Physical Therapy.”

– Kevin Dietrich

“Before I came to physical therapy I was in a large amount of pain. Coming to therapy has given my knees and ankles more strength and has allowed me to play soccer once again. I would recommend people to come here because of the friendly atmosphere and the level of professionalism.”

– Gavin Parsons

“My condition before coming to this physical therapy place was all around weak knee. PT has helped me to improve my quad/knee strength and allowed me to return to competitive sports. I would recommend Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy to others because it has a great and positive atmosphere. The staff and physical therapists are all super funny and chill.”

-Maria Ware

“I had a total knee replacement. Needless to say, I was in a lot of pain. The crew here helped me through the pain with some great exercises and stretches both here and at home. My therapists were Jeff, Kevin, and Megan. Their professionalism, knowledge, kindness, and friendship made my time here go too fast. I will miss them a lot. I would recommend ISSPT to anyone who is in the need of physical therapy, because the crew will get you feeling better in no time. And you will laugh through the pain. Thank you everyone for treating me like I was someone special.”

-Suzanne Cydell

“I came in March after my 1st total knee replacement. The exercise program and physical therapy made my recovery really speedy. In September, I had the 2nd total knee replacement. I knew what to expect and again, the exercise and therapy made for an even speedier recovery. They pushed me hard, but never beyond what I could tolerate. Everyone here is so friendly, and very supportive. I would never go anywhere else for any physical therapy. Thank you Alex and Todd! The massage at the end is a real bonus!”

-Dary Bishop

“I came to physical therapy to help improve my range of motion in my right knee and find out how to continue to keep my ROM from getting worse as I get older. All of the staff here have been great- helpful, professional, and have great attitudes! My pain has decreased since coming here and I’ve learned how to stretch out my knee and do many exercises to help strengthen my knee, quads, and hips. I feel more equipped to deal with arthritis in my knee as I age and keep it from getting worse”

-Jean Pollock

“Left knee weakness after a fall with some RA flare occurred while changing my RA medicine. Constant pain and swelling in my left knee! Referred to PT per Dr. Lagwinski. At the start of PT unable to put leg straight and was weak. Now after PT and the pain and swelling is down and able to straighten the knee. My knee is stronger. It has been a real benefit for me to have had physical therapy. I will definitely recommend Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy for everyone!”

-Vivian Hayes

“I could barely walk when I came in to Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy. I had just had a total knee replacement and I had a lot of pain. Megan (and others) not only gave me fantastic work outs, but they also helped keep me going. Megan is a great cheerleader and made me feel very good about my progress. It’s hard to believe that I could change so much in just 6 weeks. I hardly have any pain now and I can do all kinds of things that I wasn’t able to do before. I thank Megan and all the people at ISSPT for giving me a fantastic experience!’

-Cheri Graffuis

“Before I started here my knee would often be in shocking pain while I did normal around the house stuff. PT has made my knee stronger and I can now do all my normal day to day activities including active sports! I would recommend ISSPT because I went from pain in my knee to nearly none at all!”

-Nick Kozup

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