Shoulder and Wrist

Shoulder and Wrist

The shoulder joint is subject to a great deal of motion, more so than other large joints in the body. Once joint healing is complete, we put you through a routine of specialized exercises and therapies to help you regain strength, stability, and functionality. Give us a call to discover how physical therapy can help heal your shoulder and every joint in your body. We look forward to hearing from you!

Therapies used to treat the shoulder:

  • E-Stim - Used to improve muscle and ligament tone. This is a useful method to control pain and inflammation.
  • ASTYM 
  • Heat and/or Ice
  • Manual stretching by the physical therapist
  • Active exercises focused on strengthening the surrounding muscles
  • Stretching exercises to regain full range of motion

Multi-dimensional instability of the shoulder must be evaluated carefully to determine the best course of treatment. As your physical therapists, we will do everything possible to relieve your pain, prevent further damage, and provide the rehabilitation framework to help you recover quickly.

Shoulder and Wrist

Wrist pain occurs for a variety of reasons, ranging from over use to fractures and falls. Our therapy team is fully equipped to handle all your needs to get you back to your daily activities. 

Carpal Tunnel is a major cause of wrist pain and can occur from repetitive over use, poor posture, faulty work equipment and for many other reasons.  Physical Therapists can show you stretches and customize treatment for your needs.  Read more about ASTYM treatment and how it can help you with carpal tunnel and wrist pain.

Feel free to give us a call to ask questions or to set up a free 15 minute consultation to see if Physical Therapy is right for you!

Patient Testimonials

"Before coming into Physical Therapy there were days I couldn't even lift either of my arms up from the pain. Coming to PT has improved my quality of life so much! I no longer have the pain I once had in my shoulders and can go from day to day without being in pain. Everyone at Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy are so welcoming & beyond helpful through every step of the way! I will definitely be recommending them to anyone needing physical therapy! You're all awesome! Thank you so much for helping to get my pain under control!"

- Kaitlyn Rink


"I came in with a torn rotator cuff, unable to move my right arm without extreme pain.  Everyone here made me feel right at home and as my therapy progressed I regained movement in my arm.  I am now nearly pain free and back to living my life fully!  The staff at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy are excellent, courteous, and professional.  I would highly recommend them to anyone."

-Katie Anderson Elmer


"I came in with very limited range of motion in my right wrist.  Todd, Alex, and Lauren worked with me to improve my abilities.  Pushed me, motivated me and encouraged me.  I'm very grateful for the knowledge they all shared with me.  I feel with the tools they have given me I will continue to improve.  I will recommend Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy to anyone that requires PT.  Thank you all so much!"



"I have had a great experience with my therapy at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy.  My condition upon arriving was very limited use of my right shoulder and neck.  I am now able to have full rotation and use of my right shoulder without pain.  I have been greatly helped and would recommend others to come to ISSPT."

-Margaret Gee


"My condition before coming to Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy is:  I could hardly use my left hand.  I handled my left hand as if it was abnormal, always holding in front of my tummy.  It was critical to go to a therapist especially if the therapist (Brian) was so good.  I feel good now.  I recommend 100% that people go to ISSPT!  Thank you to all the nice employees!"

-Irene Berntsen


"I had shoulder surgery December 2015 and started physical therapy at ISSPT with Jeff 2 months later.  My internal rotation was severely limited.  I was not able to put my arm behind my back or reach around my body.  The sessions with Jeff immediately showed improvement in my mobility.  Jeff was able to stretch and improve mobility in my shoulder in addition to using ASTYM technique to reduce scar tissue.  Further working with Kevin, Jeff's assistant, for specific exercises to strengthen the muscles in my shoulder aided in the improvement of my shoulder overall.  I am extremely pleased with my therapy and the results I am seeing.  I have been able to workout again in my crossfit gym as well as compete in the Spartan Obstacle Race.  Than you Jeff and Kevin for all your hard work and dedication to my therapy!

-Shane Cole


"I had a shoulder rotator cuff injury on my right shoulder.  This condition limited me on my daily activities.  I took my physical therapy very seriously and followed the guidance of my therapists.  After 7 weeks (2 sessions per week) my injury is significantly better.  My PT program worked and I feel great!  The entire staff is excellent!  They all are friendly, courteous, professional, and prompt.  I will miss seeing them all.  This was a great experience and I will absolutely recommend Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy to anyone needing help."

-Ronnie Kauffman


"Very limited use of shoulder when I arrived due to a fall.  I had no range of motion.  2. I'm fixed now!  Still need to work at home. 3. Great people- make exercise and physical therapy somewhat fun.  Still hard work though.  Tips: Do hard work and have lots of patience!  There were times I wanted to quit because of no progress.  I'm glad I stuck with it.  Very encouraging people at Idaho Spine and Sports.  People are great here,especially Alex, Jeff & Todd!" 

-Roberta Hurtt


"I was very reluctant to do physical therapy because I was in a lot of pain.  Alex listened to me and reassured me throughout this process.  I felt informed about the process the whole way, even when I had a minor set back.  After 15 sessions and the expertise of both Alex and Todd, I feel confident that my shoulder is considerable better and with home exercise my strength will return.  I can thank Alex & Todd enough!  They are a great team!" 

-Gabrielle Cole


"Before physical therapy, I was suffering from pain in my left shoulder. It was difficult to even lift my left arm to get an object down from a shelf above my head. Physical therapy has made me realize just how important intelligent, controlled movement is as you age. Because of the skilled therapists and their intelligent, concerned actions, I have regained most of the mobility in my left arm. I am sure the exercises the "crew" gave me will be a great benefit. I heartily recommend this clinic to anyone who is experiencing joint or muscle pain and is searching for a process to control or eliminate their pain." 

-Carl Goodwin


"I had surgery for a rotator cuff tear and without therapy it would be hard to gain back mobility and strength to my shoulder. These people are great, concerned for your welfare and provide excellent care to you as a patient. They have written a home health exercise program to continue my therapy when insurance benefits ran out. I would recommend Idaho Spine and Sports to any kind of rehab you need following surgery, or even when you need therapy to help rehab a muscle." 

-Mary Ellen Davis


"The help I have received in the last weeks have been a life saver. I had very painful neck and shoulder pain. Eric was a fast process and we were successful. All the personnel were polite and very helpful. I will spread the work to all my Salmon Creek friends and family. Thank you! Thank you!" 

-Jacki Fend


"Physical therapy has really helped to regain motion with my shoulder problem.  When I first came in, I could not move my arm behind my back, above my head, or side to side.  Sleeping was an issue because of the pain.  After 2 weeks of therapy, I can sleep better, move my arm much more, and the pain is definitely less.  I still have a ways to go, but with the home exercises and office visits, I am gradually getting the use of my shoulder and arm back.  The folks here are awesome.  Thank you so much." 

-Tom Miles


"Before I came to physical therapy, I had a significant amount of pain in my arm, neck, and shoulder blade and chest wall. It was an unbearable amount of pain and I could not take it (the pain) any longer. I also felt weakness in those areas. Since I have been coming to Spine & Sports Physical Therapy, my over all pain level has been significantly reduced and is a lot more manageable. I no longer feel the misery that I did before therapy. I am also stronger in the areas that I felt weakness. I recommend Spine & Sports based on the results and improvements I have experienced and because of the therapists and trainers knowledgeable, professionalism, and experience as well. The staff are friendly and provide a comfortable environment." 

-Carolina Larsen


"Before I started coming to Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy, I felt like an old man in the morning after my motorcycle crash. Even just trying to go to school was hard and physically demanding. After my time here, I feel like the way an 18 year old should. I don't wake up with pain and am getting stronger everyday." 

-James Eldredge


"Before I came to physical therapy my shoulder gave me so much pain I could not lift my grandchildren or put my arm around my husband's shoulder.  I had no confidence.  I felt if I moved it would give out on me.  I didn't trust stairs or even walk for a long distance.  After therapy and the wonderful care given me by Idaho Spine and Sports, I feel like my life is back.  I can do all the things I love and have the confidence to do them.  No shoulder pain and I can hug my husband, walk with him and hold my grandchildren.  Thanks all at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy."

-Debra Ellis


"I have been coming here for about a month or so and the entire staff has been super friendly.  That sure makes the experience so much better.  I am getting my shoulder worked on.  Everyone seems extremely knowledgeable on what to do to help improve my injury.  Part of my shoulder feels much better but I still have a ways to go to get back to 100%.  I would highly recommend anyone to come here.  You all are awesome!!!" 

-Dewey Dollin


"I started PT for right shoulder pain. On a scale from 1-10, my pain was an 8. I had 11 sessions and after the first week, I could tell differences in my pain level. I was given home exercises to do since leaving PT and they have been very beneficial. The entire staff and ISSPT have been great and I would highly recommend them. Very professional--Special thanks for Jeff who was my therapist for the last 4 weeks. He was great and explained benefits of each workout (Knows a lot about football as well)--Everyone is awesome!"

-Sharon Rhodes


"I came to Idaho Physical Therapy with a shoulder injury and could not use my arm or shoulder. After 8 to 10 weeks of good working on my arm and neck, it is almost the same as before my fall. I can do most things again and the pain is gone. I recommend anyone with any kind of injury or pain of any kind to go to this facility. They know their stuff and can help anyone. I tell all of my friends needing help to come here." 

-Sally Dake


"I had frozen shoulder, I couldn't raise it up or above my head. I am more active and my shoulder is more moveable. If you have had an injury, they can bring you back to normal. The staff is great to work with and you meet neat people." 

-Larry Walker


"When I first came for physical therapy on my shoulder, I had very limited mobility and couldn't lift more than 2 pounds with my left arm. After completing my therapy program I now have 99% of my mobility back and am lifting 10 pounds. The staff here is very friendly. They motivated me with smiles and words of encouragement. They all were great to work with; very caring and enthusiastic! I would highly recommend this organization to anyone else considering a physical therapy program." 

-Phyllis Villarreal


"When I came to physical therapy I had very limited ROM in my shoulder both right and left. With PT it has increased greatly in my right, my pain is a lot less in my left also. My left shoulder has other things wrong with it and needs surgery but the ROM has increased in it also." 

-Janice Houde


"The first visit released all pain I had in my shoulders. Each visit after relieved any tension I had left. As the moment, I am 100%!" 

-Jacob Robinette


"I separated my shoulder in a mountain biking accident. My shoulder hurt when I shook hands or walked too fast. Common daily tasks were painful. Physical therapy has given me a plan/roadmap to improve my condition Through the use of exercises, my pain has been checked . Improvement was very evident as I went through my treatment. I would recommend ISSPT because everyone here made physical therapy an environment that was enjoyable and not something I dreaded. Everyone was very professional and friendly." 

-Joel Swift


"I had pain in my shoulder that would keep me awake at night. It was difficult to raise my arm above my head without pain. After completing my scheduled physical therapy sessions there was little to no pain in accomplishing the above tasks. The staff is very kind and engaging. They all remember your name and answer questions as they are asked. If I need physical therapy again in the future I would return to Idaho Spine and Sports for my treatment." 

-Kerry Carlsen


"Years of gradually increasing stiffness and soreness, then a shoulder injury finally left me in need of surgery on both shoulders. Following the surgeries I began treatment here at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy. I was soon functioning better and with less pain than before surgery. They also gave me information and exercises that I can use to continue to improve after my treatment. They have been friendly and professional through my experience here." 

-Robert Stevens


"I had very little mobility and flexibility in my right arm when I started therapy, I was very concerned. My mobility and movement is greatly improved with the therapy I received. I now feel confident again in taking care of myself, as I did not have this confidence on my right side before. I have already spoken highly of your clinic to friends because of the care you demonstrate along with your professionalism and knowledge base. Thank you." 

-Kurt Larsen


"Before coming to physical therapy my shoulder was very weak and unstable. I had limited range of motion that immensely effected my daily activities and hobbies. Since coming to physical therapy I have regained much of my strength and motion, and what I have not already regained, Idaho Spine and Sports has provided me with the resources I need to fully recover. I would recommend Idaho Spine and Sports because the staff is very friendly, supportive, and obviously knowledgeable in their field. they made me feel comfortable and always excited to come to my early morning physical therapy." 

-Amy Norris


"I came in to Idaho Spine and Sports for frozen shoulder, which I had never heard of before. The staff is very knowledgeable and taught me about what was going on with my shoulder. I found the therapists to be friendly, relaxed, and fun. My condition was very painful. I had to use ice packs and pain medication every day, and couldn't sleep because of the pain. My ongoing physical therapy soon had me off pain meds, and soon my shoulder didn't bothered me when I moved my arm too far. Now I can move that shoulder almost normally. It was hard work, but I know PT is the reason I'm almost pain free." 

-Susanne Eagar


"Prior to physical therapy I had pain in my right arm. I couldn't golf, reach up in my cupboard for a dish and was very uncomfortable. I love to golf and was not happy that I couldn't play. I started PT with with doubts that it wouldn't help. However, i stayed with it and did my exercises at home as well. I'm thrilled to report how good my arm is. I'm golfing and life is good. A BIG thank you to everyone who helped and encouraged me. It was a great experience and I'm so glad I stuck it out. Without everyone's help I would not be where I am now, very happy! I definitely believe in PT, I've reaped the benefits." 

-Shirley Fretwell


"After shoulder surgery I was not able to lift my arm above my head. I was able to before the surgery. Since coming here I can now lift my arm up for short periods. I am getting stronger in my right arm. I find it easier to put on my shirt and coat. I think if I keep up the exercises 3 times each week I will be able to maintain the improvement I have made." 

-Jack Lindsay


"Before Physical Therapy, I was suffering from pain in my left shoulder. It was difficult to even lift my left arm to get an object down from a shelf above my head. Physical Therapy has made me realize just how important intelligent, controlled movement is as you age. Because of the skilled therapists and there intelligent, concerned actions, i have regained most of the mobility in my left arm. I am sure the exercises the "crew" gave me will be a great benefit. I will heartily recommend your clinic to anyone who is experiencing joint or muscle pain and is searching for a process to control or eliminate the pain." 

-Carl Goodwin


"I have a frozen shoulder on the right side and partially frozen on the left. Through physical therapy, both shoulders are much more mobile and hopefully will continue to improve. The therapists here are all wonderful and are committed to helping everyone get back to their full potential." 

-Dixie McWhorter


"Before coming to ISSPT, my shoulder was tight and movement was painful after surgery. Alex, Ashley, Todd, and the staff helped me restore my range of motion and rebuild strength in my shoulder. I would recommend ISSPT because the staff is both knowledgeable and friendly, and helped me restore normal functioning of my shoulder after surgery." 

-Phil Johnson


"This originally started with a car accident and I was miserable. Progress was slow in the beginning but once I started improving, I was so much better. I had a low back injury as well as a shoulder injury. The therapists here are all incredible and worked tirelessly on my shoulder which is much improved and I was happily released from therapy only to return 4 weeks later with a setback of re-injury. But again they worked to get me back on my feet and fully functioning again! Thank you Brain and Megan and all the staff, Todd, Kevin, and Ashley! You are so appreciated!"

-Shae DeBerry


"I have used Spine & Sports Physical Therapy on numerous occasions. This particular time was to receive physical therapy for my shoulder after having replacement surgery. Through physical therapy I have regained 90% use of my shoulder. The staff at ISSPT are a very professional group and it has been a good experience for me." 

-Terry Teeter


"Before my first visit I had limited range of motion in my shoulder with pain.  Through coming to PT I have received great exercises to help me improve and get back to my regular activities with volleyball and pickle ball.  Thank you to everyone who has helped.  The staff is wonderful!  Now I need to keep up with what I have leaned here!"

-Lorri Carr