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Mar5th 2019

Can’t Get To The Gym? Try This Home Exercise Demo

Can’t get to the gym?…Kerby, one of our therapy trainers at Idaho Spine and Sports PT in Boise, demonstrates some great home exercises.

Children’s Sports and Exercise

Feb10th 2019

So far, the new year is starting off great.  I have a wonderful staff that produces great results and we are already discharging patients who have actively followed through on their home exercise program.  I cannot stress enough how crucial it is to continue your home exercise program when discharged from physical therapy.  Physical therapy

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Jan10th 2019

TIPS TO ASSIST IN GETTING THE MOST OUR OF YOUR PHYSICAL THERAPY APPOINTMENTS Making an appointment with your physical therapist usually means that you need to improve your physical stability. Once you set an appointment, make sure that you maximize it. These are some common guid- elines that can help you make the most of

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