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Category: physical therapy boise

High Heels and Pain

Nov30th 2018

Two years ago, you would never catch me in any other shoes beside high heels (my friends and family know this).  I did almost everything in high heels.  I did not go to the gym in stilettos, but I rafted the Boise River in high wedge sandals! In 2007, I was in a short film

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4 Surprising Things That Make You Feel Tired

Oct24th 2018

Quick question: Do you ever find yourself feeling tired all of the time? Especially after a long day at work, or a day running around after the grandchildren? Maybe it’s not having enough hours sleep? Or perhaps you just find yourself passing up on opportunities because you’re too tired? I see a lot of patients

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The Biggest Mistake Most People Make

Sep9th 2018

How to Enjoy Outdoor Activities.. Without Back Pain Outdoor activities like gardening are a healthy and enjoyable way to live an active lifestyle. When the weather is nice, the outdoors are hard to resist. However, a lack of warm up and stretching can lead to aches and pains, even injuries. A reduction in activity during

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