Almost all types of pain can be treated with physical therapy.

Our physical therapists can help you move freely again without pain and discomfort by utilizing various stretching and active strengthening exercises. Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy believes that successful treatment focuses on restoring mobility, strength and ultimate function.

Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy believes that it’s vital to customize our treatments to each individual. We are careful to examine and treat each patient as a whole.

We work with all types of people with varying ailments. Some of these include:

  •  Orthopedic Injuries
  •  Spinal Pain & Injuries
  •  Pediatrics
  •  Arthritis
  •  Muscle Imbalances
  •  After Surgery Care
  •  Geriatrics
  •  Work Injuries
  •  Postural Conditions
  •  Neuromuscular Disorders

Evidence-Based Technology

In addition to Idaho Spine and Sports hands-on skills, we utilize the most up-to-date and scientifically proven equipment, treatments and technologies available. Some of these include McKenzie CertifiedASTYM CertifiedMedX LumbarREPEX, traction table, ultrasound, and electric stimulation.

“My experience at ISSPT was a good one. The treatments helped improve my condition while the exercises gave me something I could take away with me and continue at home. Attention to form and execution gave me a better appreciation for what to do and what to watch out for to achieve proper results. Overall a very positive experience. Great people throughout and the flexible scheduling also allowed me to work around my work and other socail activites.” – Eric Johnson

“My condition was stiffness, muscle tightness and limited mobility. My concern was sciatica coming back. Physical Therapy has reinforced to me my need to continue going to the gym and maintain a stretching routine daily. I recommend ISSPT to others becasue of the knowledge available for treatments and the friendly atmosphere of everyone providing treatments. I really enjoy the friendly and enjoyable people when I come here. I believe this is my reason for coming back for therapy at ISSPT.” -Blaine Schwendiman

“The staff at Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy were very helpful in identifying my issue, customizing my treatment, and most importantly- addressing the stiffness and pain I was feeling!” – Brian Schmitz

“I would like to thank the entire staff for the outstanding support and patient focused care I have received over the past 24+ months in efforts to rebuild a worn out army soldier. Your combined efforts have enabled me to improve my quality of life post military service and to start to enjoy some of the physical activities I had to give up in the past due to injuries. You have also given me the motivation and courage to accept a new norm in terms of military related injuries I cannot undue- but I can modify my activities to enable me to overcome and adapt. I will definitely miss all of you. Thanks for a job well done!” – Laura Lou Hill

“Highly recommend!  Good people!” -Nancy Hubbard

“I had some problems with both knees which was impairing my running.  I didn’t realize it was some weakness in my hips that was causing some knee pain.  The physical therapy and exercises you gave me to do has helped a great deal and I’ve been able to return to running and am anxious to see improvements in skiing.  The PT’s and assistants are very good!!! Friendly and helpful.  I definitely recommend ISSPT for whatever your problems may be.” -Jim Hudson

“When I began physical therapy I could barely move my neck from side to side and up and down and I was in constant pain (severe pain). Since my treatments I have much more movement and the pain is moderate and not constant.”   – Terry Davis

“My condition was terrible, but over time I got better thanks to physical therapy. It has really helped me to see the importance of staying healthy and protecting my body. I recommend Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy, because they are very friendly, work on getting you better, and make you feel welcomed. I enjoyed coming here and really loved the anticipation of coming in each day.”   – Elene Pulley

“When I started this set of treatment, I was uncomfortable with pain. I feel that my condition has improved. I will continue my exercises on a daily basis. The routine Jef provided for me helped. Thank you for your professional services, and I will continue with my massages. I recommend Idaho Spine and Sports to anyone needing physical therapy.”   – Tina Brookline

“Alex and Todd were awesome! They made the PT so relaxing but yet resulted in great results.  They were both very friendly and knowledgeable in their area of expertise.  Alex really helped in getting my shoulder back to almost normal.  She did miracles on me.  I will miss her and her great personality.  They are both great assets to this company.  The other members at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy were also friendly and made coming to PT nice, from the girls at the front desk to other therapists, trainers, and aides. I would recommend this place to others.  The drive from Emmett was worth it because of the great team here!!”

-Heather Mather

Can Physical Therapy Help my Arthritis?

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