Foot/Plantar Fasciities & Ankle Pain

The foot is comprised of many bones that each have the ability to cause pain and discomfort. Foot pain can affect any part of the foot and should be assessed by a doctor of physical therapist if it follows an injury. Some types of foot pain respond well to home treatments, but others need to be taken more seriously. 

Here is a brief list of foot symptoms that our Physical Therapists treat:

  • Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Pain
  • Tendonitis
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetic Feet
  • Post-Surgical Pain

Read about the Most Frequently Asked Questions We Get About Foot/Plantar Fasciitis & Ankle Pain

What causes pain in the bottom of my foot?

This can be caused from irritation of the band that runs across the bottom of your foot called the plantar fascia. This band of tissue has an important job as it is a shock absorber and helps support up to 1.5 times our body when running and walking. This is one of the most common causes of foot/heel pain and is easily treatable with Physical Therapy. You will be given specific stretches, strengthening and stability exercises as well foot/ankle biomechanics corrections if needed.

How long does an ankle sprain take to heal?

The length of time it takes to heal an ankle sprain depends on the severity of the sprain. It will classified as a high or low ankle sprain as well as Grade I (mild), Grade II (moderate) or Grade III (severe). It can take anywhere from 1 week to 3+ months depending on the extent of the injury. Once the swelling has gone down, your doctor will recommend starting Physical therapy to retrain the ankle stabilizers to work together to support the joint and to help prevent recurrent sprains.

What can I do about my collapsed arches?

About 25% of the population have flat feet or collapsed arches. This may be caused from several different factors including genetics, stretched or torn tendons, aging, diabetes, and nerve related issues. Having collapsed arches can cause a handful of issues including painful or achy feet especially in the arches and heels, leg & back pain, inflammation, and difficulty standing/walking for prolonged periods of time due to fatigue. Collapsed arches cannot be cured, but the pain, swelling, and mechanics of the foot and ankle can be treated with Physical Therapy.

A number of things we work on will include increasing foot and ankle strength and stability, decreasing pain and inflammation and evaluating the foot/ankle mechanics through certain movements for postural corrections.

Your Physical Therapist may also recommend custom orthotics for your shoes.

What is the difference between Achilles Tendinosis vs. Achilles Tendonitis?

Some people confuse the terms Tendinosis and tendonitis. Tendinosis is a chronic non-inflammatory condition that is recurring caused by repetitive stresses and is unable to heal. Tendonitis is an acute short term inflammatory condition caused by an injury to the tendon. If you do not address an injury in the acute stage (tendonitis), it will lead to Tendinosis over time and potentially take longer to heal.

A common area of the body for this to occur is in the Achilles Tendon. If you are in the chronic Tendinosis stage, it is not too late to address the issue with Physical Therapy.

Why do my ankles pop when I walk or run?

There are a few reasons why your ankle might pop or snap when you walk or go for a run.  Some of these reasons include ankle instability due to ankle injury, a tendon snapping over the bone, and/or releasing of gas bubbles that build up. Typically, this should not be worrisome and is common. However, sometimes the popping can be painful in which you should contact your doctor or a Physical Therapist to evaluate.


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“I was experiencing plantar fasciitis symptoms (difficulty walking after sitting, pain first thing in the morning) but ignoring them, I ended up pulling a tendon and being unable to walk without a lot of pain! I couldn’t get into a doctor quick enough, but was able to start physical therapy the next day. In addition to the foot problem, Jeff diagnosed some hip weakness that was contributing to the problem. By working on both, I now have better function than I did before the injury! PT has a rap for being painful and while some things were difficult, the staff made me very comfortable. Don’t allow yourself to accept less than perfect function and zero pain. Get yourself into PT!” -Shari Greenlee
“I had been diagnosed by an orthopedic surgeon as having “really bad” feed, requiring fusion with hardware. Instead, I came here. My progress in physical therapy has been remarkable. I am about 75% better in 6 weeks with more progress to come. Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy is wonderful! The staff is especially skilled and personable. I whole heatedly recommend this clinic.” -Polly Peterson
“I could not stand to Garden and now I can. I also can walk for more than ten minutes. It’s amazing what a little physical therapy can do! Thanks!!!” -Carey Augustine
“I had never had to be seen in physical therapy and found myself with a very painful plantar fasciitis. The pain would nearly drop me to the floor at times. After being referred here, Josh explained the treatment plan, educated me on home exercises and after a few visits, I saw improvement. Now I am pain free and getting back to normal. This experience made me realize how valuable proper care is and I particularly valued my treatment here. I would really recommend ISSPT to EVERYONE. They really make you feel comfortable and individual–not like you’re just the next patient. The entire staff is top notch!” -Audra Kerby
“Plantar Fasciitis was a constant bother, sometimes extremely painful. With therapy, the pain is significantly less. And I don’t have to ice as often. The exercises also help a lot.” -Kristian Ball
“I had plantar fasciitis really bad for several months, which time off did not improve. I am an avid runner and crossfitter so working out is critical to me. I started seeing Eric for ASTYM on my feet and slowly the pain got less and less and I was able to do more and more. After only 3 months of therapy with Eric, I am back to full strength and am able to begin training as I was before, including running and jumping. I can’t thank Eric enough for his service and encouragement while rehabbing my injury.” -Shane Cole
“I had been battling both plantar fasciitis and carpal tunnel. The plantar fasciitis I’d had for over 2 years. Most days I was in an enormous amount of pain from walking. After coming to Idaho Spine and Sports, we took an aggressive approach to helping the pain in my foot. The entire team was very helpful, knowledgeable, and helped me to walk and perform every day activities again without pain. After my foot pain was gone we focused on the carpal tunnel I was experiencing in both hands. I’ve gone from a numbing burning sensation to a slight tingle that I can get rid of through stretching on my own. It’s been amazing. The ASTM treatments with the custom exercises at both therapy and at home have helped a lot. Thank you every one for your help. You all get a 5 star rating. I’ll be referring all my friends with aches and pains. You are all the best to work with.” -Misty Barfuss
“What a fantastic experience in my healing journey. Words cannot adequately express the gratitude and heartfelt appreciation of their combined team efforts to address my life impacting injuries. I can honestly state this has been the best physical therapy care that I have every received with results that worked this time, now I can resume a quality life from improvement in activities such as running, hiking, etc. as a direct result of this quality care experience. Simply the best of the best in terms of professional, quality, patient focused health care. I will definitely recommend your services to others in need of a focused, results oriented, physical therapy experience.” -Laura Hill

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