The hips are among the most weight bearing joints in the body.  As such, it is important to keep the joints strong and flexible to prevent future injury.  

When hip injuries do occur, we are here to help! The primary objective of physical therapy is to reduce pain by improving mobility and restoring muscle balance gradually. 

Why do I have hip pain?

There are multiple causes of hip pain that may come from the ankle, knee, back, and of course the hip.  A proper physical therapy evaluation can determine the best course of action.

The most common causes are: Hip Osteoarthritis, muscle imbalances, muscle strains, and tendinopathies

How long is physical therapy going to take to treat my hip pain?

Usually about 6 weeks for it to go completely away and to stay away.  A substantial decrease in pain should happen with 3 weeks. However, sometimes if the pain has happened over an extended period of time, it may require a longer period of treatment.

Every person is different and responds differently to treatment. It also depends on what other musculoskeletal or physiologic issues that are occurring.

What are the consequences of not getting help and just dealing with my hip pain?

Pain and muscle imbalances will continually get worse and take longer to treat when a decision is finally made to get help

How can I decrease my hip pain?

In the meantime, you can try: ice/heat, gentle stretching and strengthening

In the long term: see a Physical Therapist and see what we can do for you

Why Types of Hip Pain Patients Do You See?

    • Hip OA
    • IT band syndrome
    • Hip bursitis
    • Tendinopathies and muscle strains
    • Labral Tears
    • FAI (Femoral Acetabular Impingement)
    • Total Hip Arthroplasty
    • Hip Fractures (after they heal)
    • Hip Dislocation
    • Nerve Entrapment
    • Leg Length discrepancies
    • Gait abnormalities

How do you treat hip pain?

  • Control pain/inflammation and promote healing
  • Develop support or muscle control of the hip
  • Hip joint mobilizations to help with pain and joints that not moving well
  • Strengthen and stretch

Hip/Total Joint Replacement

If you are getting a total hip replacement, an evaluation will determine the length of your stay and costs involved with your surgery and rehabilitation with physical therapy. 

Our Physical Therapists may suggest mobility exercises like bicycling and strengthening exercises like leg raises, — depending on your current condition.

It is highly recommended that you consult your physical therapist before beginning any exercises if you have hip pain. This will minimize stress on inflamed tissues and help you avoid pain and further injury.

Stop the frustrating cycle of pain and inactivity.

Call us today for an assessment. Don’t let hip pain get in the way of a healthy, active lifestyle.


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Before I came to Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy, my hip was in intense pain. I could hardly walk without limping. However, as my therapy advanced my hip pain lessened until finally the pain was relieved. No more limping or difficulty sleeping. I could do much more walking and exercising without pain. This is my second time here, the first time was for my lower back. Both problems have been helped immensely!”

– Marcy Fearey

“I had a lot of pain in my left hip area.  The recommendations and evaluation were thoughtful and just what was needed.  I fully appreciate each member of the staff.  They all are pleasant, knowledgable, and are good representations to the public.  The office people are great too!”

-Marcia Herr

“I had hip replacement surgery and went to a PT to make sure I was progressing satisfactorily.  I also wanted to make sure I didn’t do anything to hurt the surgery area.  PT has helped greatly in movement and balance and strength which gives me more confidence in day to day living.  I am totally pleased with the care I received here.  Each and everyone I encountered during my treatment, including front office staff were friendly, professional, and genuinely cared about my well being.  I have already recommended ISSPT to others in case they ever need it.  Thank you all for doing such a great job!”

-Carolyn Coogan

“I had significant discomfort in my right hip and knee; diagnosed as ITB syndrome. I can once again do normal activities without pain and discomfort, especially walking up stairs. The staff here works hard to make sure you are getting what you need to resolve your problem. Everyone is super nice and a dedication professional.” -Jeanette Genaro

“I had a bad fall and my hip was bothering me when I walked and when getting up and down from a chair.  Physical therapy has helped and I am able to walk further with better posture.  Pressure has been taken off my hips.  I am doing the recommended exercises and have strengthened the muscles.  I have definitely improved during the period of physical therapy with Bret.” 

-Lou Ann Dahl

“Before coming to Physical Therapy and after a fall injuring my right leg, I was having constant sharp pain starting in the left hip area and traveling down the front of my thigh to the knee. During the therapy, the pain went away but would feel like it was going to start again by catches in the hip and down the front of my leg.  After more therapy sessions, twice a week, the pain was completely gone.  I had been to Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy in 2010 after having lower back surgery.  They had helped me so much through that issue, I was confident that I would make it through this time.  Many thanks go out to their therapists who worked with me.  When I was released, ISSPT gave me a home exercise program to keep the pain from coming back.  Now, I am also back at the Fitness Center walking, biking, etc.” 

-Patsy Youngblood

“When coming in, I had an almost constant pain in my hip area and it was hard for me to play sports without having terrible pain. Coming through physical therapy has helped my pain go away. It has helped me so that when I am playing sports, I have no pain and I can perform at the level I need to perform at. I would recommend Idaho Spine & Sports because the workers are very friendly and is a welcoming place. Also, that the therapists/trainers engage in good conversation and get to know you while improving your injury.”

– Mackenzie Malach

“Before physical therapy, simple things like walking and bending over were very difficult. Since being in physical therapy, everything has improved! The physical therapists were awesome and very encouraging. Thank you all for the help!”

 – Adelyn Maybon

“Before coming to Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy, I had severe leg/hip pain. This was a chronic, recurring injury and I had tried what I had thought was everything to fix it. However, nothing I had done seemed to help at all. The great trainers here worked with me and were able to figure out the correct diagnosis and treatment. After a quick four weeks, my injury was feeling one hundred times better and I hardly have any problems with it anymore. Not only were they able to help my injury recover, but were able to do so in a friendly and welcoming environment. I would recommend anyone who has sustained an injury to come to Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy.” -Ryan DeSpain

“I have had a problem with the bursa in my hip. It had been giving me problems for over a year. I couldn’t go up or down stairs without any pain, as well as many other times. When I started PT, I thought I would die due to pain when they worked me out. Eric and Todd, as well as those others I worked with,  were great. As of today, I feel no pain due to the bursa in my hip. This has truly been a great experience for me. Thanks!” 

-Diana Munz

“I had a lot of pain in-band going from hip to knee on the right side. I am not experiencing pain now after my therapy. They do a wonderful job here, very caring and congenial. This was the second time I have come here and would definitely come back if I needed to. I would also recommend Idaho Spine and Sports to friends, family, and my doctor.” 

-Darlene Wellington

“My name is Sally Dake. I have been treated at Idaho Spine &Sports Physical Therapy twice. First time I fell & hurt myself very badly. After my fall treatment, I walked out of here a new person. I have just finished my second round of treatment for a bad case of bursitis in my left hip. I could barely walk and the pain was severe. I did not think I could walk normal, if at all when I started. I now finished my last treatment and am feeling like new again. I have no pain, can walk, and do exercises like normal. The crew & staff here are the best in the business, I recommend them to any and everyone that has any kind of pain or hurt in their body anywhere. Ashley Wilson, thank you for your excellent care and everyone else that made me whole!” 

-Sally Jo Dake

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