Joanne Gillette

Unbelievable, lovely personnel that listen to your problems. Great professional attention in taking care of those problems. I can move my shoulder freely with no pain now.

Joseph Mastalski

I’m much more comfortable in my day to day activities. I was initially concerned that I was not going to get much use out of the new knee, but it has been progressing each week and I’m much more confident that I will get back to normal. I am here for my second surgery recovery so I obviously have confidence in Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy and I do recommend it to my friends.


Sid Nield

I had significant pain in my lower back and within a couple of months it was reduced significantly. I am very impressed with all of the team that worked with me and would recommend Idaho Spine and Sports physical therapy to anyone that is in need of treatment. Thank you all for helping me you are an awesome team!



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