McKenzie Method

Are you struggling with back or neck pain and seeking a solution that enables you to master your own healing process? The McKenzie Method, complemented with MedX and Repex technologies, could be the answer you’re searching for. At Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy in  Boise & Meridian, ID, our McKenzie-trained and technology-adept physical therapists will help you find solutions that work!

Noted physical therapist Robin McKenzie first developed the McKenzie Method in the 1980s. Since then, it has proven itself as an effective means of assessing, diagnosing, and treating musculoskeletal issues, particularly those affecting the back and neck. A therapist trained in the McKenzie Method will methodically identify the root cause of your pain. They will then prescribe specific exercises to assist in treating and preventing future episodes.

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How does the McKenzie Method work?

The McKenzie Method, enriched by the use of MedX and Repex, is a patient-centered approach to addressing back and neck pain. It is founded on the principle that mechanical forces can both instigate and alleviate pain. Emphasizing the patient’s active involvement in their treatment, we integrate the MedX system for isolated spinal strength testing and training, and the Repex table to automate repetitive movement therapy.

One of our therapists will initially work with you to perform a thorough assessment of your symptoms. These are then grouped into subcategories based on their response to certain movements, postures, or forces. The combination of McKenzie’s classification system and MedX and Repex’s precision technologies allows us to formulate an accurate diagnosis and tailor your treatment plan.

Once your assessment is complete, our therapists will use that information to provide a detailed outline of which exercises will most effectively treat your condition, as well as the ones to avoid. The McKenzie Method emphasizes patient involvement and education, enabling you to resolve your pain and restore full functionality to your body.

Additionally, the McKenzie Method involves education about preventing the recurrence of pain. Patients are taught how to recognize and respond to their symptoms with postural corrections, targeted exercises, and strategies to prevent future episodes.

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The systematic approach of the McKenzie Method to managing back and neck pain is among the most researched techniques in physical therapy. This combination not only allows you to actively participate in your recovery but also leads to better outcomes and minimizes the need for ongoing medical care.

If you’re ready to take control of your pain management, request an appointment with one of Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy’s Mckenzie-trained therapists today. At our Boise or Meridian, ID physical therapy clinic, we’ll guide you on how to alleviate and prevent future pain!

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