Our Team


Ole Borgesen


After serving his military service in Norway after high school in 1986, Ole decided to go to PT school. He graduated from Haagse Hoogeschool voor Fysiotherapie in 1990.  Thereafter he moved back to Norway and started working in a private clinic in Oslo, Norway. 

In 1999, Ole relocated to California and started working for a private clinic in Novato, California. He stayed with this company until he moved to Boise, Idaho in 2021, as both his kids/twins live here.

Specialties: Sports rehabilitation. Ole was a PT for the National Norwegian Ice Hockey Team U-20 JR team and a top division Oslo hockey team during the same years. He later moved to a different part of the country and worked in the private field and as a PT for a top division  Norwegian handball team. 

Hobbies: Ole enjoys the outdoors, camping, fishing and hunting. He used to be an avid skier, but after tearing his ACL, medial meniscus and MCL in 2006, he decided to put his skis up on the wall.  But if you ask him, his injury taught him a thing or two about being a patient and not in the driver’s seat!! He is a competitor clay target trap shooter, with his best a Ca State Championship, runner up (he doesn’t want to talk about not making Champ!!!!)

He loves BBQ, and believes it needs to be on low, slow and on a smoker.  He enjoys spending time with his kids and his dog, an English Bulldog named Buck.