If you have been dealing with chronic neck pain for several weeks, it’s time to call your physical therapist.  

An assessment from a physical therapist is an important step in the fight against chronic neck pain. Once you receive an evaluation, you and your physical therapist can create a program combining exercise, stretching, postural correction and relaxation to help you recover from chronic neck pain..

You don’t have to learn to live with chronic neck pain anymore, not on our watch. Schedule an appointment with us today and we’ll help you get started on the road to a pain-free lifestyle.

The Key Factors in Recovery – Exercise and Posture

  • Controlled, supervised exercise can help improve blood flow to the muscles in the neck and restore muscle balance, in addition to helping the individual regain joint mobility.
  • A PT will create an exercise program that can be completed at home, or at work. The number of sets and repetitions is carefully planned, and the technique, range of motion, posture and breathing of all your movements is supervised by the physical therapist. 
  • Once your pain level reduces, your PT will help you regain control of your muscles to reduce pain and get you back to full function.

Improving posture is an important component of treatment for chronic pain. Poor posture can lead to chronic neck pain.

  • Have you thought about the amount of time you are at your computer? Or even how you sit in your chair? Your physical therapist will evaluate your posture and help you improve it with simple stretching and strengthening movements.

When you are at home or at work, hot and cold packs and a neck pillow can also be helpful. Your physical therapist may decide to teach you simple techniques to promote muscle relaxation and help you reduce chronic neck pain. 


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“I was having pain in my neck and all the way down my right arm with numbness in my hand.  I didn’t feel like doing anything all summer long- hobbies, yardwork, gardening.  Everything was too uncomfortable and I didn’t want to hurt more.  Now I feel like I have my life back and can do what I want and look forward to catching up.  One day after therapy I felt so good.  I pulled out all the dead plants in the front yard flowerbeds to clean things up.  It was so invigorating!  I thought I was going to be “broken” forever, for the rest of my life, but with this physical therapy I feel great and hopeful for the future!  I would tell everyone to go this route!  Thanks to everyone who helped me heal and enjoy life again!  It didn’t even take that long!”

-Connie Johnson

“Prior to therapy my range of motion was restricted. Bending, twisting, leaning to the right was most difficult. Since therapy, HUGE improvement! I learned how to improve my posture and exercises to assist with recovery as well as to maintain and improve my neck moving forward. Great staff!”

– Sean Self

“My experience at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy was awesome.  I was very impressed with the attentiveness and kindness of all of the staff.  They were always making sure I was comfortable with what we were doing.  Overall, my neck has improved tremendously.  I have improved mobility and less pain and headaches.  They have also given me the tools I need to continue my exercises and strengthening at home as well as other recommendations to improve my condition.  Thanks everyone!”

-Anjanette Bodily

“The staff were wonderful and I enjoyed it so much!  When I first came in I was so stressed and couldn’t move my neck left to right, etc.  I had headaches all the time.  You guys pushed me and I feel great now!  Thank you! 

-Tracey Griffen

“My condition was not good at all.  I had been rear ended while sitting at a stop light.  My neck and lower back was affected the most.  Got in to my Dr., and heard about Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy.  The therapy has made a big difference physically and mentally.  The staff is outstanding, patient, and caring!  I would highly recommend Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy!”   – Diane Ellis

“The therapists at Idaho Spine and Sports are not only knowledgeable, they are also very friendly. They helped me to know proper technique and exercises I could do at home and at the clinic to help further my healing. I found my experience here to be very positive and would highly recommend Idaho Spine and Sports to my family and friends. Thank you for helping me to quickly recover from my injuries and making me feel like you each truly cared about my well-being.”   – Sue Ann Moyle

“The crew at Idaho Spine & Sports were very helpful in my recovery after a car accident. They were able to pinpoint my pain and help me with range of motion and strength. They were professional and it was a great pleasure to be able to have them help me. Without therapy, it would have been longer to recover. Thanks to the crew!” – Cesar Romero

“Before physical therapy, my neck was sore and I had limited mobility. It affected everyday life greatly. After physical therapy, my neck is back to full mobility and doesn’t bother me. ISSPT is friendly and comfortable and gets the job done.” – James Coffin

“This is my second time coming here for PT. I am a believer! Both times my condition improved dramatically. The first time was lower back pain to the point of immobility. This time I had neck pain and spasms over the last year that developed into tingling and numbness down the arm. That is gone and my neck mobility is much better. Thank you!” – Jennifer Payne

“I have a lot of neck and back pain and therapy has helped very much. I was walking with a walker and now I can go up and down stairs again. I really recommend Physical Therapy.” – Wilma Askey

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