Making an appointment with your physical therapist usually means that you need to improve your physical stability. Once you set an appointment, make sure that you maximize it. These are some common guid-

elines that can help you make the most of your therapy appointment, whether at home, in a clinic or hospital.

1.    Wear comfortable clothes.  Jeans or long sleeves are not advisable for your therapy appointments.  Physical therapists may need to check affected parts of your to determine what kind of treatment they will perform.  If you don’t know what to wear, don’t hesitate to ask your therapist.  Wearing inappropriate clothes will not only make you feel uncomfortable during examination and exercise, but will consume most of your time as well. Do not forget to wear closed, comfortable shoes because you might need to lift some weights which would not be safe with open footwear.  At Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy, we understand that sometimes, it is not possible to keep comfortable clothes nearby, that’s why we have clean shorts and t-shirts if you need them.  Please let us know if you need clothes to wear for your treatment visit.

2.    Make sure to arrive on time or a few minutes early to all your appointments. By doing this, you will make the most of your appointment with the therapist without affecting the next patient.  If you cannot come on time, make sure to call your physical therapist ahead and ask if he/she can still attend to you or if it would be better to reschedule your appointment.  The physical therapists at Idaho Spine and Sports Physcial Therapy always see you right on time.  There is no waiting!  We know your time is valuable.

3. Discuss your condition and treatment with your therapist.  Knowing the details of your situation and how to deal with it is very important. Open communication will help you and the therapist understand the situation and take appropriate actions.  At Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy, the physical therapists educate each individual and customize each plan of care to fit your needs.  We realize that you are investing a lot of time, finances and effort into your rehab. You have the right and responsibility to voice any concerns that you may have. Your progression and success is important to us.  We want that success story along with our other patient testimonials!  Check out for video and hand written testimonials!
4. Do your home exercise program exactly as instructed.  After your appointment with the therapist, it is possible that he/she will give you specific instructions regarding some exercises that you can do at home or in your room.  Ensure that you execute them properly.  If you cannot do them, inform your therapist and ask what to do about it.  One of our primary goals at Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy is to provide personalized and efficient care. You play the biggest role in the success or failure of your treatment.
5. Work Hard. You should be as committed to your therapy as you are to your job.  The speed of your recovery will depend on how much you discipline yourself in executing all the treatment (exercise included) given to you.  Physical therapy is a process requiring dedication, persistence and consistency. When you fail to attend your appointments, your recovery will be less than optimal resulting in prolonged discomfort and difficulty resuming your preferred daily activities. We pride ourselves on a reputation for helping our patients optimize their recovery. When your results are poor, it reflects poorly on us.
These rules, when applied while undergoing physical therapy, will help you improve faster.  Doing your part and not depending on the therapist for everything will make you appreciate everything that is happening to you while you reach your full recovery.
Preparation for Physical Therapy

When patients are advised to undergo physical therapy, they don’t exactly know what to expect or what to do before going through the therapy.  Some are afraid to do it while others just ignore it hoping to get better on their own.  However, it is best to follow the doctor and be prepared and educated for this kind of treatment. You may also read about expectations here: WHAT TO EXPECT ON YOUR FIRST VISIT
Below are some things to consider:
• Ask your doctor about your situation and what type of therapy you have to undergo.  Ask the doctor to identify what type of specialization your therapist must have, because there are physical therapists that focus on different types of treatments. Ask for referrals to physical therapists as well.  We know some of the best doctors around town.  Ask us if you would like a recommendation to a family doctor, specialist, or surgeon in the Boise and Meridian area.
• Talk to your friends and ask if they have experience with physical therapy or if they know someone who has.  Talk to people who have undergone the same treatment so as to give you an idea of how physical therapy works and what to do before and after it.
• When setting an appointment, do it personally and talk to your physical therapist. Also visit the facilities and look around.  Observe the place to see if it is clean and if the staff members are attentive to their patients.
• If you have insurance, make sure that your physical therapy is covered by it. The front desk at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapists are one of the kindest and can assist you in any way possible.
• Familiarize yourself with your current situation – such as problems you have encountered, your history and medications, reasons why you should undergo physical therapy – and discuss them with your physical therapist.  Tell your therapist everything so that they can better decide upon the necessary course of action.
• Think of your goal. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish. What do you expect to be the outcome of the therapy? In order to plan well and meet your needs, also share these goals with your therapist.
• Relax and feel free to communicate with your therapist.  Having a good relationship will make you calm and your doctor open to your opinions. This will also help you get the best treatment.  Our motto is Whatever it takes!  It means that the physical therapist do Whatever it takes to get you better and are expecting you to do Whatever it takes also.
One reason that doctors suggest physical therapy is to avoid surgery or operations as much as possible.  This treatment will help patients improve posture, strengthen weak muscles, or learn how to lift correctly.  Trust your doctor that he/she will give the best treatment for your condition.