Hip Bursitis? We Can Help!

Hip Bursitis? We Can Help!

What is Bursitis? Bursitis is the swelling of the bursa, which is a small cushion-like sac containing fluid. It is a protective sac that surrounds joints. The hip bursa is located over the outside part of the hip bone. Hip bursitis is a painful condition, especially if an individual has had a pre-existing hip injury. Athletes involved in repetitive movements like running or bicycling are likely to experience bursitis.

The first step with physical therapy is a detailed evaluation to determine the extent of motion, strength, flexibility and the status of tissues surrounding the joint. It’s important to maintain full range of motion in the hip joint, and strengthen the surrounding muscles after a period of warm up and stretching.

The primary objective of physical therapy is to reduce pain by improving mobility and restoring muscle balance gradually. Supervised exercise is important in the early stages, followed by a progressive home exercise program consisting of hip strengthening exercises.

Since the hip is a major weight bearing joint, it is important to treat hip bursitis as quickly as possible. Left untreated, the condition can become extremely painful and trigger low back pain and postural imbalances.

Stop the frustrating cycle of pain and inactivity. Call us today for an assessment. Don’t let hip pain get in the way of a healthy, active lifestyle.