Immediate Relief For Sciatica Pain At Home

Immediate Relief For Sciatica Pain At Home

Man Suffering With Back And Sciatica Pain At Home

If you are suffering from sciatica right now, and desperately searching for a way to stop the pain, this blog is written for you!

You can discover 4 natural ways to relieve sciatica pain at home fast, as well as learn how to tell whether you are in the last stages of sciatica and if your discomfort is going to end soon.

You can also find out how to ensure this bout of sciatica is your last – without having to resort to nasty injections, or the terrifying prospect of surgery.

Immediate Relief For Sciatica Pain At Home Without Painkillers

Our team works with sciatica sufferers almost every day at our clinics, and we understand you want relief as soon as possible. Sciatica can completely debilitate you, meaning you can’t work, look after your children or grandchildren, and you may even struggle to take care of yourself.

Here are 4 ways that you can get immediate relief from sciatica pain right now!

Don’t Stop Moving

When sciatica strikes, your first instinct may be to sit, or lay down and not move a muscle until it passes, but moving is actually a really important thing to do.

Walking and doing your daily activities as best you can is a simple way to minimize sciatic pain.

So, as soon as you’ve finished reading this blog, try to move, even if you can only manage a walk across the room.

Exercises For Sciatica

Exercises for sciatica can provide quick, drug-free relief from sciatica pain, and while it may seem counterintuitive, the stretching and activation of certain muscles can help if the pain is triggered by compression of the sciatic nerve.

We have a complete guide for the best sciatica exercises which you can download for free by clicking the link below:

Download Your Free Sciatica Exercises Report

In the report, you can find the 5 most effective stretches for sciatica pain relief

Apply Heat

Heat is a powerful, and natural way to ease sciatic pain quickly without having to resort to pills.

Applying heat encourages healing through increased circulation to the area, raising the supply of oxygen, blood, and nutrients.

Heat can also relieve tension and spasms in muscles that surround, and impact the sciatic nerve.

Finally, heat can reduce stiffness in your lower back and allow you to move a little more comfortably.

Speak To An Expert Physical Therapist

At Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy, we offer Free Telephone Consultations, so even if you can’t drive to our clinic, or even make it down the stairs, you can speak to an expert.

During a Free Telephone Consultation, you can share your struggle with sciatica, receive personalized advice on how to end it quickly, and make sure your sciatica doesn’t return!

Arrange Your Free Telephone Consultation Today

How Do I Know If I’m In The Last Stages Of Sciatica?

If your sciatica is causing you agonizing pain, we know that you will be desperate to know when it will end.

The last stages of sciatica are relatively easy to identify at home.

While you might think the stages of sciatica can be determined by the pain or the length of time you’ve suffered, this isn’t actually the best measure.

Some people’s sciatica can last 2 weeks, with just 1 week being severe pain. Others may have sciatic pain for up to 6 weeks, with intense pain lasting for 2 or even 3 weeks.

To determine if you’re approaching the last stages of sciatica, it’s actually the location and direction of the pain that can help you understand whether it’s going to last much longer.

If your pain is moving further down your leg over time, which means it’s traveling further down your sciatic nerve, then it’s usually getting worse, and will still be around for at least another few days, if not weeks.

If the pain is retreating, and moving up the body, this is a sign that your sciatica is healing, and you are approaching, or in the last stages of sciatica.

Get Natural, Long Term Relief For Sciatica

Sciatica is a common and excruciating problem that in nearly all cases, returns in the future if left untreated. So, if you are in the last stages of sciatica, this is definitely a good thing but it isn’t the end of the story.

Sciatica doesn’t happen by accident, and there is often an underlying cause of sciatica which means it will continue to come back, and usually gets worse.

If you want to fix your sciatica once and for all, you aren’t going to find the solution in painkillers, masking the symptoms, injections and even surgery is no guarantee of a sciatica-free life.

To get natural, long term relief for sciatic pain, you can arrange a Free Sciatica Consultation where you can get your questions answered, finally understand why your sciatica keeps coming back, and learn about the best treatment options available to you.

As there is such high demand across our four clinics, we have to limit the number of Free Sciatica Consultations, so contact us now to get yours!

Simply complete our simple webform, or call us on 208-939-0533 to speak to a member of our team.

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