Let’s Get Ready for a Healthy 2016!

Let’s Get Ready for a Healthy 2016!

Physical therapy, just like all forms of healthcare, has seen significant changes. Physical therapy can help reduce pain, improve mobility and help patients to live happier, healthier lives. Our physical therapists help improve quality of life through optimization of movement. As the new year unfolds, we hope to get the opportunity to inspire you and your family to enjoy the benefits of an active, pain-free lifestyle. Let’s make 2016 great!


1. Reduce injuries

Your therapist can provide you with a structured, progressive exercise program to reduce injuries with a combination of warm-up routines, stretching and movement techniques. This will allow you to participate in the types of activity you enjoy, without the risk of pain and injury.

2. Help improve strength and balance

A progressive exercise program improves muscle strength and promotes balance and stabilization. Elderly patients in particular are at a risk for falls as a likely consequence of poor balance.

3. Help diabetes and heart disease

Diabetes and heart disease are global health concerns associated with several complications. Concerns include impaired blood circulation, nerve conduction problems and muscle weakness. Contrary to popular belief, physical therapy plays an important role in the treatment of conditions like heart disease and diabetes. A well designed exercise program under the supervision of a physical therapist can improve blood flow, nerve conduction and muscle strength in a safe and progressive manner.

4. Improve posture

Every physical movement on a daily basis involves muscle contractions, joint motion and posture alignments. In a world where we spend more time sitting than ever before, postural problems are abundant. If you spend time hunched over your desk with your neck thrust forward and shoulders slouched, consider a postural evaluation with a physical therapist. A physical therapist can correct muscle imbalances, relieve joint tightness and also help improve breathing patterns.

BRING ON 2016!