New Year Insurance Benefit Renewals

New Year Insurance Benefit Renewals

The New Year brings benefit renewals!

Calendar Year Policies
Most insurance plans run on a calendar-year, which means your benefits will reset at the beginning of the new year. It is important to keep in mind that many of you have deductibles to meet in January 2013, before your insurance benefits will apply or cover the costs of your care.

New Insurance Card(s)
Please remember to give us a copy of your new insurance card if it has changed. We are here to help you understand your physical therapy benefits and are happy to verify your insurance benefits for you. Insurance reimbursement rates can vary and are often subject to change.

Billing Information
Our billing coordinator at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy, Kari Hutcherson, will do her best to give you an estimate of each visit according to the insurance allowable –just ask!

Speaking of benefits, now is the time to utilize and get the most out of your 2012 insurance benefits by scheduling checks ups, exams, and re-assessments before the year’s end. Our schedule fills up quickly, but sometimes we can get you in the same day!

Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy now accepts payments online!
Go to and select “Pay Now.” This will allow you to pay your bill through our secure payment portal.

Did you know. . .
Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy also has a Pediatric Clinic!
Idaho Pediatric Therapy offers physical, occupational, and speech therapy from ages 0-18. And it’s just 5 minutes from our orthopedic clinic off Eagle Road!
Check out for more information or call (208) 939-3334.

Fore more information, please contact us!

Happy Holidays!