PT and Joint Replacements

PT and Joint Replacements

Do you find that daily activities have become painful due to joint pain? Arthritis, injuries and overuse of muscles and joints can cause discomfort and limit mobility.

When conventional (non-surgical) treatments are no longer working, a joint replacement may be recommended. In this procedure, an orthopedic surgeon replaces the original joint with a prosthesis (artificial joint) made of metal or high-quality plastic.

Goals of Physical Therapy
  • Gradual, progressive mobility of the new joint.
  • Create a plan to improve motion and regain strength in a controlled manner.
  • Give advice bout which positions to avoid, in an effort to protect the joint while it is healing.

Physical therapy is a safe, effective treatment option and will help the individual to recover from joint replacement surgery.

Recovery, PT, and a New Joint

our physical therapist is an important ally for you and a critical member of your healthcare team as you recover from joint replacement surgery. Since each patient is different, your therapist will tailor your exercises and advise you about the do’s and dont’s based on the guidelines established by the surgeon. This will enable you to get the best possible result from your surgery; regain freedom, restore mobility, and finally enjoy an active pain-free lifestyle.