A New Year, A New You

A New Year, A New You

A New Year, A New You

One of the most common New Year’s Eve resolutions across the United States is to get in shape. Whether that means becoming a weekend warrior, signing up for nightly fitness classes, or simply making more of an effort to be active, physical therapy can help you. 

Our team at Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy is trained to help you in preventing injuries and making physical activity as easy as possible. For more information about how we can help you achieve your goals, give us a call today!

Don’t forget the past

You may feel like a brand new, rejuvenated person in the new year, but your body undoubtedly hasn’t received that message. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is pushing yourself too fast and too soon. Let’s say you make a resolution to start taking morning runs in 2019. That’s great! However, if your body hasn’t been used to running in the past, you need to ease yourself into it. Your mindset may be focused on your marathon goal, but your body isn’t there yet. 

Start slow, perhaps with a half-mile jog around the neighborhood, then start pushing yourself to a mile, then two, then three. The gradual increase will make it much easier on your body (and a much easier resolution to keep!) than diving right in will. Starting off with that three mile run may feel liberating in the beginning, but your body will curse you after. The new year can bring great changes, but don’t forget the past. 

Listen to your body’s signals

Your body has a special way of letting you know when something isn’t normal. Even a minor ache or pain can be indicative that rest is needed. If pain persists, it is important to seek the assistance of a physical therapist. It is a far too common occurrence for people to wait until it is too late before they get help with a painful area.

For example, did you know that 80% of Americans experience back pain at some point in their lives? However, most of these instances are only reported once the pain has become too severe to handle, or when injury occurs. By listening to your body’s signals and getting help in the beginning, you can prevent an injury before it occurs.

Stay on top!

Even if your resolution doesn’t leave you feeling achy or painful (and we hope it doesn’t!), we can still help you maintain your peak physical performance. Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy uses advanced methods and technology, such as injury prevention screening, gait analysis, and mobility evaluation to determine what exercises and therapies would work best for aiding in your physical excellence. 

We can help make sure you stay on top, avoiding any potential pain or injury. Additionally, you will have a team of supporters to encourage your goals and celebrate your achievements along the way! To meet one of our physical therapists and discuss how we can help you safely reach your resolutions, schedule a consultation today. 

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