Balance Exercises for Sprained Ankles

Balance Exercises for Sprained Ankles

The ankle is the most common site of sprains in the human body. An ankle sprain can happen to anybody at a time when you least expect it. Normally, it occurs after a sudden unnatural twisting of the foot which can tear the ligaments of the ankle. An ankle injury affects every aspect of your daily life, most notably your ability to walk and drive.

Exercises To Reduce Chronic Ankle Sprains

Balance intervention training involves an assortment of strength training exercises. A physical therapist will teach you how to safely conduct these exercises so you eventually can perform them at home or your training facility.

Try one of these sets:

1.   A single leg stance on the floor

2.   Single leg stance while the opposite leg swings.

3.   Single leg squats on the floor at a 30 to 45 degree angle.

4.   Single leg stance while performing a sports activity such as catching or dribbling.

5.   Try a double leg stance on a balance board and rotate in a clockwise and then counterclockwise direction.

6.   Conclude with another single leg stance.

It is still important to warm up the muscles before attempting these exercises.  Try a light jog or jogging in place, backward running, or running forward with knee lifts for 30 seconds.  Power and strength exercises such as squats may also provide the additional ankle support.

Again, these are all exercises that should be practiced and learned with your physical therapist to ensure safety and proper technique.