Don’t Forget About Your Core!

Don’t Forget About Your Core!

No matter what the action may be, your “core” or is a solid and basic center of all action. Your core is much like the middle link to a thick, sturdy chain. The upper part of the chain is your upper body, the bottom part of the chain is your lower body and the two are connected at the center. If that center is weak, havoc is bound to happen. Everything you do is somehow intertwined with your body’s core.

For this reason alone the strength of the core is truly one of the most important areas of your body to develop and maintain strength in. 

Activities that involve your core:

  • Everyday movements – tying shoes, picking up groceries, sitting down, standing up
  • Work/Job Tasks – Lifting, bending, standing, or sitting and twisting in a chair
  • Balance and Stability

Remember to breathe properly when exercising your core! Here are some tips to breathe correctly:

  • First, lie down on your back, placing your hand on your diaphragm or stomach area.  When you breathe you should be able to see your hand moving with the breathing.  You can literally watch your breath as it comes in and out of you.
  • Take notice of the feelings you have when you are breathing like this and watching your hand move with your breath.  This is the same feeling you want when you begin exercising to strengthen your core.
  • You want your stomach and entire abdomen region to move in and out as you breathe deeply.