Having a healthy life is easier these days with the availability of food supplements and healthy drinks.  However, is that all we need?  Of course not! 

Achieving optimum health in our lives requires discipline & hard work.  But we can start in simple and small ways:

  • While sitting in front of the computer or television, try to take frequent breaks simply by standing up and getting on your feet.  Try moving around and do something until the advertisement ends.
  • Try to walk around while in a conversation, especially if you’re on the phone.  Avoid being immobile as much as possible.
  • When using a car, park a bit further than usual from a building’s entrance so that you will be forced to walk.  Resist parking closer to the entrance.  You will hardly notice that you’re already exercising.
  • Drink lots of water.  Avoid sodas.
  • Refrain from smoking and excess drinking. Focus on the health benefits you will gain.
  • Relax once in a while a de-stress.  Try massage, yoga or other relaxation techniques that will make you feel happy and calm.

The above tips are just simple ways to start having a healthy  lifestyle. Once you have adjusted to these healthy habits, challenge yourself by doing something more complicated.


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