Meet our Newest Massage Therapists! We love them and think you will too!

Meet our Newest Massage Therapists! We love them and think you will too!

Massage Therapy at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy
Meet the Team:

Amber Wurzel

I have an Associate of Applied Science in Massage Therapy as well as a Bachelors of Health Sciences, both from Idaho State University. I have worked in many settings including spas, chiropractic and physical therapy clinics.

I enjoy doing deep tissue, sports massage, and focused work. I also understand the benefits of relaxation massage therapy and enjoy doing those as well. I always provide a tailored massage for each client and strive to make each client feel welcome, safe, and at ease. My goal is to not only help you feel better but to live better!

Péter Mester

Peter is currently pursuing his Doctor of Naturopathy and is a Holistic Health Practitioner who provides personalized massage therapy here at Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy.

Péter has over a decade experience with a large number of clients who have experienced his ability to relieve chronic and acute pain at an exclusive center in Beverly Hills, CA.

As an athlete himself, he understands the importance of regular bodywork. He is certified in most popular modalities including oriental styles. He is also trained in Applied Pshyco-Neurobiology, Autonomic Response Testing, the most sophisticated form of kinesiology or muscle feedback systems.

Jason Epp

I am a nationally certified massage therapist and have been certified for 9 years. I have a passion for helping people and love affecting lives through my hands.
I graduated from Carrington College’s Massage Therapy program in 2007. Since then, I have had a wide variety of work experience including spas, chiropractic and physical therapy offices.
I specialize in deep tissue and specific issues. The modalities I am proficient in are Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, hot stone, and trigger point therapy. I love working with people to get them back on their feet.