Almost every is active in sports one way or another. One does not need to be a sport professional to encounter some sort of sports injury. Sports injuries can be something as common as a sprain and strains or something needing surgery like an ACL tear and fractures.

Physical therapy and education can be crucial so sports injuries can be avoided. Proper training methods, adequate warm ups and conditioning can mean a lot in avoiding these sports injuries. A sports therapist can assist in education the patient with correct exercises and stretches that are meant to get the patient to optimum shape.

Body stiffness can often result in any strenuous activity. Massage therapy is greatly effective in reducing pain and discomfort by relaxing the tired muscles. It is also effective in improving circulation, and increasing flexibility.

According to a survey, the top ten common sports-related injuries are Achilles tendinitis, concussion, groin strain, shin splints, lower back pain, pulled muscle, golf/tennis elbow, ankle sprain, shoulder injury and runner’s knee. Physical therapy in Boise ID can offer prevention as well as help needed to recover from these medical conditions.


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