5 Reasons to Treat Your Pain Naturally With Physical Therapy

5 Reasons to Treat Your Pain Naturally With Physical Therapy

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Are you living with chronic pain? Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts for three months or longer. If you answered yes to the question above, you are certainly not alone.

The American Academy of Pain Medicine estimates that approximately 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Unfortunately, this means that the reliance on prescription medications is increasing all the time. In 2013, doctors in the United States prescribed nearly a quarter of a billion opioid prescriptions, which equates to roughly one bottle per person in the country.

This increased demand for pain relievers has resulted in the opioid crisis that we are all too familiar with today. When taken for an extended period of time or in large quantities, opioids are both dangerous and addictive. As a result, many Americans are understandably looking for safer pain relief options.

Physical therapy is a non-invasive, natural way to treat chronic pain. Contact Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy today to learn more about how physical therapy can help you find relief without the use of dangerous pain medications.

What are the benefits of physical therapy?

Our physical therapists are movement specialists who are fully prepared to treat your chronic pain symptoms. They will develop a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs in order to provide the most effective passive and active therapy treatments for your condition. There are numerous advantages to physical therapy; however, the following are the top five:

1. Physical therapy treats the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms.

Part of the reason physical therapy is so effective is that it gets to the root of the problem in order to completely alleviate pain rather than just masking it. Pills may be easier to swallow for pain relief, but their effectiveness is fleeting. Many medications only have an effect for 12-24 hours, which means you’ll have to keep popping pills if you want to continue being free of your pain. Essentially, it masks the pain but does not address the underlying issue.

Physical therapy, fortunately, does. At your initial appointment, your physical therapist will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the source of your pain and the best treatment options. Physical therapy addresses the underlying cause of the problem to provide long-term relief, whereas medication only works in the short term.

2. Physical therapy is a natural solution without harmful side effects.

Massage, ultrasound, joint mobilization, electrical nerve stimulation, and diathermy are all common treatments provided by physical therapists. These are all natural treatments with very low side effects, especially when compared to other methods of pain relief such as surgery and medication.

3. Medical-based research proves the effectiveness of physical therapy.

Physical therapy’s success has been demonstrated in a variety of ways, including rigorous research and rigorous study. These studies have provided reliable evidence in support of physical therapy treatments, demonstrating how they can significantly reduce a wide range of pain-related conditions. Physical therapists can significantly improve patient outcomes by implementing care that is supported by scientific research.

4. You will receive a personalized treatment plan.

In addition to passive treatments, your physical therapist will design an active exercise program for you that is specific to your recovery process. Physical activity can help to significantly reduce your pain while also reducing swelling, improving range of motion, promoting healing, and increasing overall strength and endurance.

5. Physical therapy helps you get active.

Physical therapy can motivate you to take a more active role in your pain management. Physical therapy sessions typically last 30-60 minutes, allowing you to collaborate closely with your therapist to achieve your objectives. In the end, physical therapy is the only natural, risk-free, and active method of pain relief that provides long-term results.

Contact Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy today for pain relief!

Do you suffer from pain? Do you want to treat your pain in a natural way? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We can assist you in obtaining the treatment you require so that you can live a pain-free life without the risks associated with opioids!

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