Get Moving Once Again with Physical Therapy

Get Moving Once Again with Physical Therapy

Physical therapy Boise, ID

If you’ve been living with acute or chronic pain, physical therapy can help. Whatever your injury or underlying condition may be, our licensed physical therapists understand how pain can significantly impact your daily life.

Physical therapists are movement experts who are trained in several different methods and modalities that are natural, non-invasive, and successful. Schedule a consultation today to find out how physical therapy can benefit you!

While there are numerous reasons why physical therapy is the best treatment method for achieving a happy, healthy, and pain-free life, the top 5 include:

1. Patients can maximize their functional performance, mobility, and capacity through physical therapy.

A physical therapist helps patients improve coordination, core stability, endurance, agility, and any other physical skills that they can carry over into their sports, work, hobbies, and everyday life. This is essential for young active people who are looking to improve performance, as well as the older population who are looking to avoid age-related debility.

In other words, our physical therapy team can manage your injury or disease now as well as help prevent injury in the future.

2. Physical therapy is an effective way to treat pain at its roots.

A physical therapist won’t just “mask” your pain. Our therapists identify and resolve underlying factors contributing to your current condition and increasing your risk of chronic issues. Common factors include shortened muscles, scar tissue, range-of-motion limitations, muscle activation problems, impaired ergonomics and body mechanics, and postural imbalances. If factors like these are left unaddressed, your symptom relief would likely be temporary at best.

Through services such as patient education, work-hardening programs and other techniques previously mentioned, a physical therapist can address both symptom and cause.

3. There are little-to-no side effects of physical therapy.

Unlike many medications and invasive procedures, physical therapy services have a very low risk of side effects. They also remain highly effective in reducing pain, swelling, inflammation and other impairments related to a patient’s condition. Physical therapy techniques require less downtime and can be modified in order to allow for safe use on everyone, from infants to seniors.

4. The need for harmful drugs, such as opioids, is often eliminated through physical therapy.

The current opioid abuse epidemic across the nation suggests that these potentially harmful drugs are frequently overprescribed. The CDC recommends physical therapy before opioids for the management of many types of chronic pain. Additionally, treatment techniques used in physical therapy are “evidence-based,” meaning they are tested in scientific research studies in order to provide support for their safety, efficacy, and effectiveness.

5. Each treatment plan is customized to the specific needs of each patient.

A standard physical therapy plan of care is completely individualized to the patient. The main focuses of any plan of care are addressing the patient’s unique goals, resolving their impairments, and optimizing their recovery, functional independence, and long-term health. These outcomes can be achieved through physical therapy techniques, including:

  • Modalities, such as ultrasound, kinesio taping, dry needling, orthotics and prosthetics fitting, electrical stimulation, or diathermy.
  • Therapeutic exercises.
  • Manual therapy, such as massage or joint mobilizations.
  • Neuromuscular re-education, such as balance training.

After undergoing a thorough examination with your physical therapist, you’ll receive an individualized treatment plan that will aim to accelerate your healing. This plan is modified to meet your specific needs and lifestyle, and it relies on your feedback throughout the process, giving you an active role in your recovery.

Schedule your consultation today!

Don’t let your pain limit your life any longer – schedule a consultation with us today to get started on the first steps of your physical therapy journey. We’ll walk you through each step toward your physical goals and help you achieve the active and pain-free life you deserve!


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